Chapter 10

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Four POV:

I wake up before Tris, just like yesterday morning. What happened yesterday comes barreling in my mind. We mated. We actually did it. I never thought that I would get a wonderful mate like her. Especially after what my "father" has done to me. I actually haven't had a nightmare since she started to sleep with me. Having her in my arms calm me down. She is perfect, more than perfect. She is my everything.

I look down at her and I see the mark. It's my wolf and her wolf next to each other. It's bigger than others but doesn't look huge. It says Luna under it. It gorgeous.

I don't care we didn't go to school. Going on a date and marking each other was worth it. We really only go to school once and that's the first day. After that we just go when we feel like it. I may never feel like it again with Tris. I just want to spend my whole day with her. She is sixteen and I am eighteen. I am lucky I found her at school at all. I was debating on not going since I should be done high school and I am Alpha, but my wolf convinced me.

Your welcome. Baron says.


I smile and kiss the top of her mark. She stirs and I see a smile on her face. Her eyes flutter open and her big stormy grey and blue eyes focus on mine. I smile and kiss her.

"Good Morning Angel"

"Morning" she responds cuddling back into my chest. I chuckle at how she isn't a morning person.

"So, since you are officially the Luna I am going to move up the ceremony to tonight" I tell her hoping she won't get scared or something.

"Why!! Christina is gonna want to torture me and make me in a doll!" She says loudly.

"So your ok with it"

"Yeah... just not ready for Christina to do me all up. Maybe I can convince her not to" she laughs looking up at me. I smile and kiss her head.

"Good. Everyone needs to know your mine" she giggles at how protective I am being. She doesn't realize all the unmated guys stare at her, mentally striping her with there dirty minds. They better watch out now because she is officially mine.

"What are we going to do before the ceremony" she asks breaking me from my irritation of just thinking about the others.

"Later I have to do Alpha duties, but we have the morning" I wrap my other arm around her and pull her even closer, if that is even possible.

"What do you want to do?" I ask.

"Eat" she responds grumbling. I laugh at how she isn't like other girls.

"Ok. Well the pack should be getting breakfast real soon" I can't wait for everyone to know I found my mate. The Luna of this pack.

"Good. I am going to get ready" she hops up from my arms instantly making me cold. Why does she always do that!

I see her turn around and smirk. Oh. She is going to get it. I get up and run at her. She turns her head just in time as I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder. She squeals and starts to pound on my back.

"Four put me down" she laughs. I drop her on the bed and her eyes look up at mind when I come over top of her.

"You have to learn not to mess with me Angel" I tell her getting closer to her.

"I'll always mess with you" she smirks.

"We will see about that" I get closer to her. Her eyes grow wide and her breath starts to pick up. I quickly take my hands and start to tickle her. Her laughter fills the room.

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