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The Kings Desire by FriendlyMist
The Kings Desireby maddy your boo
"Why the actual fuck is the King here?" "Why does he look so angry?" "It's because he's looking for the Queen." • • • Aiden King has always...
  • bad
  • king
  • teen
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The Nerd And The Jock (boyxboy) (Complete, Not edited) by a_slave_to_love
The Nerd And The Jock (boyxboy) (C...by a_slave_to_love
  • boyxboy
  • fiance
  • story
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Chubby Chaser (Billy Hargrove)  by CutestTwatOnTheBlock
Chubby Chaser (Billy Hargrove) by Not So Lonely Fangirl
"I'm not loosing weight." I stated crossing my arms over my chest. "Princess, I couldn't care less if you did or not. I'm still getting paid. Now let's ma...
  • romance
  • badboy
  • highscool
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The Teacher by ravewood
The Teacherby R
Rose goes to Australia for her summer before senior year, she never thought she would meet a guy nor ever hook up with him, but she did and now shes back in school and f...
  • highscool
  • older
  • alpha
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High school Troubles (an undertale sanscest story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
High school Troubles (an undertale...by Crossmare Goddess
This is an Undertale book! Daily updates :3 High school's tough for everyone. Everyone has something they hate or dislike about it. We all face problems and have our goo...
  • hororlust
  • dustberry
  • kreme
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The Badboy and Me by nycolelovesya28
The Badboy and Meby That One Chick
Sabrina is 17 and just moved to a new school. She has found some good friends, but she wants a guy who will be there for her as more than a friend. Then the "badboy...
  • jealousy
  • romance
  • highscool
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incorrect • bwwm by imsimone_
incorrect • bwwmby simone
her name is bambi a smart ass korean/black girl who along with a big ass brain has a big ass mouth. she also has a big obsession with smoking weed, but that's another st...
  • funny
  • whiteboy
  • bwwm
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It Was Always You (boyxboy) *Completed* by tampamanatee
It Was Always You (boyxboy) *Compl...by Love has no gender.
Samuel 'Sammy' Pearl is your typical senior high school student, except that he has been crushing on Evan Dillon since grade school. He never expects anything to happen...
  • math
  • love
  • highscool
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The gangleaders with twins by XXbasic_grungeXX
The gangleaders with twinsby 🤘the.grunge.girl🤘
This book use to be called "The Total Badass" McKenna King is a badass, she doesn't like to be told what to do. She like to do stuff her own way. She gets what...
  • highshool
  • gangleader
  • gắng
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Saving Madison by lexaproz
Saving Madisonby Lexa
Madison Taylor's life was never the same after being presumed dead for six months. After being washed up, and barely breathing in the lake where she killed herself; the...
  • love
  • badboy
  • heartbreak
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HIDE [BoyxBoy] by EmzyMay
HIDE [BoyxBoy]by Emily 🐷🐋
[This book contains cross dressing and boy on boy romance] Danny's had it hard all his life, but the hardest part by far is dressing up as a girl and going to a new scho...
  • romance
  • abusiverelationship
  • bxb
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𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐬 -𝐩.𝐩 by mystxrio-
𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐬 -𝐩.𝐩by ✰ ᴊᴏʏ ✰
peter parker is an anxious guy who can't keep a secret or lie with out stuttering through his words. riley parks is an absolutely nosy asshole who can't go a day with ou...
  • boyxboy
  • marvel
  • spiderman
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My basketball story by KawaiiTaylor14
My basketball storyby LLJ🌏🕊
I'm moving to California and I am so nervous I wonder who I will meet there...
  • family
  • highshcool
  • nba
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Divergent Wolf Pack  by Iwillsurviveagain
Divergent Wolf Pack by Iwillsurviveagain
Tris is Tris Pedrad, Uriah and Zeke's little sister. They are going to high school, but they all can turn into wolves. They want to be in a pack. The Divergent Pack. The...
  • luna
  • love
  • zeke
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Over Again |Larry Stylinson| by Hazzasonlykiwi
Over Again |Larry Stylinson|by Haley
[COMPLETED] Louis relives his entire senior year to save sophomore Harry's life.
  • fetus1d
  • bottomharry
  • suicide
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Oops! Wrong Car. by PeppyCamila
Oops! Wrong Car.by Sania
I walked outside and found my Uber and got in the backseat. "Hello." I greeted before proceeding to tell my driver about the house address. However, I couldn'...
  • fangirl
  • anxiety
  • car
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Highschool (Sonadow) by fullmetalblake
Highschool (Sonadow)by Diamond blake
Sonic is a junior in his old school named Jetson High, but turns out there is one problem to his situation, he's gay. He's a shy, smart, and innocent little guy but tha...
  • sonadow
  • bully
  • silver
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The Beginning - TOME 2 by Alegan11
The Beginning - TOME 2by Alegan11
Résumé du Tome 1 Chers lecteurs, nous retrouvons dans ce tome 2 la suite des aventures d'Olivia et de ce cher John. Durant le tome 1, Olivia s'est séparée de Damien, son...
  • romance
  • love
  • passion
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The Rules Of Love Don't Exist (Discontinued) by Dance2012
The Rules Of Love Don't Exist (Dis...by Nicole
(Discontinued) The rapper Drake has always gotten what he wants; fame, money,and women but what happen when he meets a woman who isn't easily impressive by the money or...
  • modeling
  • regular
  • doctors
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Mr BadBoy|YoongiXReader by gummy_min_
Mr BadBoy|YoongiXReaderby ✨corinne✨
HIGHEST RANKING: #2 on YoongiXReader Y/N is a nerdy, adorable potato who loves books and drawing. She is not popular until Min Yoongi, better known as his nickname Suga...
  • highshool
  • yoongixreader
  • romance
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