Chapter 7

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Tris POV:

I'm dragging Four downstairs as fast as I can. I can't wait to live with him. It hasn't even been a whole day but it feels like I've know him all my life. It's seems fast but he's my mate! How can you say no? I can't.

Finally, I see Uriah and Zeke with Shauna and Marlene. I pick up my pace and I hear Four laugh behind me. I shoot him a playful glare before running over jumping on top of Zeke.

He tenses then he realizes it's me and spins around.

"Hey guys!" I say with the biggest smile I can make.

"Woah what are you so happy about?" Uriah asks walking closer with Marlene.


"What is it Tris!"  They all say at the same time and I can't help but laugh.

"I'm moving in with Four and the pack" I say still smiling. There faces light up and the girls squeal.

"Yay! We are going to have a girls day tomorrow and go shopping an-" Marlene rambles when she is cut off from Christina.

"I HEARD SHOPPING!!" What's up???"

"Tris is coming to the pack and we are going to have a girls day" Shauna says smiling. I look over at Christina and she also wears a big smile.

"MY BESTIE IS ACTUALLY GOING TO LIVE WITH US"  She screams while coming over and  hugging me and I swear I can hear all my bones break.

"Yes yes... now a girl needs to breath" I say laughing.

"Oh yeah sorry" she says letting go and stepping back.

"I guess we are staying to" Zeke says for him and Uriah. I smile glad they took the offer.

"What do you mean?" Will says. Woah, when did he get here?

"I am now the new Beta and Uriah is Third" Zeke says with a arrogant smirk. I roll my eyes with a smile still on my lips.

"Congrats!" Will says and goes over and bro hugs them.

"Now we can live together!" Marlene says going over kissing Uriah. Shauna goes over to Zeke and whispers something in his ear that makes him blush. I snicker having an idea what she told him.

I feel arms wrap around my waist and I know it is Four right away. He rests his chin on my shoulder and sighs. I laugh and turn and kiss his cheek. We haven't actually kissed yet. I guess I'm waiting on the right time.

"What are you thinking about" Four whispers in my ear making me shiver.


"What about me?" he asks turning me around so I'm now facing him.

"Maybe I don't want you to know" I smirk. I hear him growl and my smirk grows. He is so demanding.

I quickly leap out of Four's arms and run while grabbing Zeke and Uriah in the progress.

"Got to go to our parents!!!" I yell for the group to hear.

"Tris! You are so gonna get it when you get back" I hear Four grumble. I laugh with my brothers.

We go in our wolves and start running through the woods to our house. We end up having a race and we are all neck and neck. They may be male but I am a fast runner. I eventually get in front and once I see the house I leap pass the log declaring me as the winner.

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