Chapter 3

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Tris POV:

His fur feels really good against mine. We were made form each other. I remember when I was little I didn't understand what the big deal about mates were. Now, I see how it effects you. I already love Four, it seems early but we are mates. It was meant to be.

He mind-links me

As much as I would love to continue. We need to get in school. 4
Yeah I guess you are right. T

I was trying not to show how disappointed I am. I shift back to my human form swaying my hair to get it untangled. I look up at Four and he is starring at me.

"Why are you starring at me?" I ask very curious at this point.

"Because you are beautiful and I could stare at you all day" Four says back giving me a small smile. I blush and look down. I am not.

"Yes you are" he says stepping closer to me. I must have said that out loud. Crap. I look back up.

"Four. I know you are my mate, but please don't lie to me" I say firmly. His stare turns hard.

"I'm not lying to you Tris! You are extremely pretty! Every boy stares at you!" He says and I can see him start to get irritated. His eyes turn gold. I whimper. I made him very angry and it's towards me.

His face softens when he hears my small whimper.
"I'm not mad at you Angel. I was mad that you couldn't see what I see" he says with a soft voice.

He closes the distance between us wrapping his arms around me enveloping me in a hug. I wrap my arms around his waist and lean my head on his chest breathing in his wonderful scent. I relax immediately and enjoy the electricity running through my body at his touch. He kisses my forehead and separates from the hug.

"Come on let's go" he says. I look up at him and get an idea in my head. I go behind him and jump on his back.

"PIGGY BACK RIDE" I yell. He laughs at my childish tactics. He starts to run from the forest towards school. I laugh the whole way and I can tell he is smiling.

We get close to the school when you hear the warning bell. We look at each other and he starts running even faster. He breaks through the door with one hand while keeping my legs on with his other hand. He goes right to Mrs. Matthews class. I guess he figures we have the same class. Luckily he is right. Right before we go in the door the late bell rings. We look at each other with fear.

I mind link him.

Here is the plan. We pant like we just ran and you'll say you were showing me around when we accidentally found out we were on other side of the school. T

Sounds like a plan. 4

We look at each other and start panting then we break through the door. The whole room stares at us causing me to blush a little. Uriah and Zeke got the whole non stage fright gene while I get embarrassed easily. Those little b-

"Why exactly are you late? On your first day to?" Mrs. Matthews ask with a hard glare towards us interrupting me from my thoughts.

"Sorry Mrs. Matthews, me and Tris were taking a tour since she is new here and we were on the other side of the building and couldn't get back here in time" Four rushes out. With a glare still on her face Mrs. Matthews says back

"Just don't let it happen again. You two can sit in the back"

We both start to head over to our seats chuckling silently and smiling on how the plan worked perfectly. I sit down and Four sits down next to me. I look up and see Zeke next to a girl and I smell a strong bond between them. Omg!! Are they mates?? All I can see is she has dark blonde hair. Darker then mine at least.

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