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Underdogs by Floats
Underdogsby natalie
Arden Heart didn't mean to push her school's star quarterback, Levi Jacobs, down the stairs. It was an accident, but nobody other than Levi seems to believe her. Feeling...
  • dating
  • stairs
  • americanfootball
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Saving the Beta's Daughter (Completed) by Mys_AJ
Saving the Beta's Daughter (Comple...by A.J.
Piper was the Beta's daughter. She was gracious and well-behaved. Her pack loved her, until it started. In her pre-teen years, she was forced to endure torture that peop...
  • mates
  • rogues
  • zeke
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Tobias's sister by blover99
Tobias's sisterby Megan
Rosemary Eaton thought that the hardest challenge she would ever have to face was living with her abusive father, Marcus Eaton. She thought that she could transfer to Da...
  • divergent
  • abnegation
  • marlene
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A Bear Temptation (Book 2) by Livetodreamx
A Bear Temptation (Book 2)by livetodreamx
A Bear Temptation Book 2 in the Lonely Bears Series Zeke was broken. In a fight for his Clan's survival he has lost the one thing that meant the most to him - his bear...
  • broken
  • pack
  • katze
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Divergent Preferences/Imagines *Being edited* by idktillie
Divergent Preferences/Imagines *Be...by tillie.
The title says it all. I will be doing preferences/imagines for the guys of Divergent. I do not own any of the characters/places, unless said otherwise. The guys I will...
  • four
  • tobias
  • preferences
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Tris Pedrad by uriahpedrad21
Tris Pedradby uriahpedrad
Tris lives in Dauntless with her two brothers, Zeke and Uriah. A stiff comes into their lives, starting as Zeke's friend, then Tris and Uriah's scary trainer, and then m...
  • divergent
  • fourtris
  • zeke
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Seeking Hope [BoyxBoy] by Deny_Fate
Seeking Hope [BoyxBoy]by Amy
''You don't know me?'' he asked me with the same soft voice. ''How could I?'' I yelled, struggling even harder. ''Let m-me go!'' My voice started to crack. I was breathi...
  • alone
  • safe
  • jayson
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Painful Rejection by FallenSociety101
Painful Rejectionby FallenSociety101
Abigail Emerson is a werewolf and has been through it all. The day she always waited for, was the day that her life was going to turn around completely for the better. A...
  • abby
  • abuse
  • love
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Divergent Wolf Pack  by Iwillsurviveagain
Divergent Wolf Pack by Iwillsurviveagain
Tris is Tris Pedrad, Uriah and Zeke's little sister. They are going to high school, but they all can turn into wolves. They want to be in a pack. The Divergent Pack. The...
  • love
  • zeke
  • mates
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Different  Divergent by I_will_raise_hell
Different Divergentby FrearlessBravery
tris prior is not only divergent
  • divergent
  • fourtris
  • four
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Chicago Wolves Fourtris AU by Kakwolf
Chicago Wolves Fourtris AUby Kakwolf
Four and Tris are now living together.four is the alpha of a pack and Tris is his mate. They live in Chicago. Even though they live in the city and not in they woods the...
  • peter
  • factions
  • alpha
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Tris Pedrad: The Dauntless Divergent by jaegerboom
Tris Pedrad: The Dauntless Diverge...by inactive atm
currently undergoing serious editing!!!! I am Tris Pedrad. I am 14 years old. Yes, I am related to the famous Pedrad brothers. They are my brothers. THIS STORY IS BASED...
  • fourtris
  • christina
  • allegiant
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Forever 10♥ {Book 1} by Kelsey_Writes_AE
Forever 10♥ {Book 1}by Kelsey Lee
[SEQUEL PUBLISHED] What if there was no war? (I know, overused) And what if Tris ran into Peter? What if Tris and Four started a familly? FIND OUT!!!!
  • abnegation
  • fanfiction
  • beatrice
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Tobias and Tris - Best Friends by WritingIsNowMyLife
Tobias and Tris - Best Friendsby WINML
Modern day divergent fanfic. Tobias and Tris were inseparable, and were best friends. But what happens when Tobias leaves Tris unexpectedly? Read to find out. Rated T.
  • andrew
  • shauna
  • marcus
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inFamous: The Return of Cole  by Fireheartsage
inFamous: The Return of Cole by Fireheartsage
Takes place after good ending of inFamous Second Son. Cole finds himself in a strange dimension with Kessler... who tells Cole that he, Kuo, and Nix are needed in Earth...
  • fetch
  • dup
  • infamous
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The Warrior / Zeke x Reader (AU / AOT) by Maryposavik
The Warrior / Zeke x Reader (AU...by ReturnToTheRukh
//ON HOLD // "But what the world fails to realise is a villain is just a victim whose story hasn't been told..." (Y/N) is an Eldian that lives with her family...
  • warriors
  • attackontitan
  • shingekinokyojin
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CLUELESS STRANGER || a.volturi by solitary-disaster
CLUELESS STRANGER || a.volturiby ow
A new boy moves to Forks, unsure of the lifestyle they live - and a Volturi guard just happens to be mated to the clueless stranger. [twilight] [alec volturi] [bxb] [boo...
  • gaytwilight
  • bellaswan
  • cullen
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My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 3) by lerwicksebby
My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season...by Barbie
Disclaimer: This story is originally not my idea, this is just a fan continuation of My Husband Is A Mafia Boss (Season 3). This is not approved by Ms. Yanajin. The foll...
  • roswell
  • trigger
  • mikazuki
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Determinant: One choice will change everything by Windchimed
Determinant: One choice will chang...by Windchimed
"Even now, I feel the electrical pull that every touch creates with her. And I know it's unique to her, something I'll never feel with anyone else. I pull away, k...
  • insurgent
  • divergent
  • christina
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Secretly Famous by pretendingtofly01
Secretly Famousby Maddie
Tris is going to a new school and hopes to make friends but she doesn't want people to know her parents are rich and famous. Will she be able to keep her secret long eno...
  • love
  • passion
  • shauna
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