Chapter 2

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Tris POV:

             We are still looking into each other's eyes. His deep blue eyes that look like midnight.
We found our mate!!! MATE!!! He's hot! Shei keeps talking in my head.

He is hot. I feel the connection between us. My eyes still locked with his I start to get worried. What happens if he rejects me? I don't know what I would do.

"What did you guys say?" Asks Christina even though I know she heard. She has wolf ears for crying out loud. Maybe she doesn't know I am a wolf. Her nose might not be as trained as mine.

"Umm.. well. I said Mate" I say breaking eye contact with Four. Now looking down at the floor waiting for what he will say.

"She is my mate" Four says. His deep voice makes my legs wobble. I feel his eyes still on me but I don't dare to look up. I don't want to get rejected. I'm not as pretty as other girls. He won't want me.

Tears start to form in my eyes. No. I won't let anyone see me like this.

Tris he is your mate!!! U
I.. I..what if he rejects me?? T

I look over at Uriah and he is already looking at me. His expression soon changes into concern and worry when he sees I'm about to cry. With tears clouding my vision I turn and run towards the exit. I hear Uriah and Zeke screaming my name but I don't turn I keep running. There is only one place that will let me calm down.

The woods.

Four POV:

I walk into school and can instantly smell new wolves. I know they are new because I have never smelt there scent before. I also smell one with the smell of vanilla and pine trees. The smell is amazing to my nose. I keep walking to get to my locker when I see Christina with two boys and a girl.

Christina points to me and the girl whips her head around to see me. She is breathtaking. She is small but has nice curves. She has long blonde hair and big blue/grey eyes that show a fire within them. We lock eyes and I clearly see the blue and grey swirl within her eyes.

MATE!! SHE IS YOUR MATE!!! My wolf Baron screams in my head.
"Mate" we both whisper.

I can't believe she is our mate. She is so beautiful and I can tell she amazing in and out. Our eyes stay locked and I keep looking into her eyes getting lost in them.

"What did you guys say?" Christina asks. Oh yeah, she doesn't know how to use her nose fully yet. She doesn't know they are wolves like us.

"Umm...well. I said Mate" My beautiful mate says. Her angelic voice is amazing. Not to high. Not to low. Perfect for my ears.

"She is my Mate" I say. I look at her and realize she is now looking at the floor. I keep looking at her. She seems to be lost in thought. She looks over at Uriah and I catch a quick glimpse of what looks like tears. Why is she crying?

She runs. Towards the Exit she runs as fast as she can. What did I do wrong? I look at the two boys who are yelling her name. Tris... I like that name.

"What's wrong" I ask them hating to see my mate cry.

"She thinks you will reject her" the guy who is a little shorter speaks.

"She has always has been self conscious about herself" the other guy who is taller says.

"Do you know where she would go" I ask ready to run after her.

They both look at each other and then turn and say at the same time
"The woods"

With that I take off after her smelling her scent to lead me to her. I exit the school and go right to the woods. I smell her scent and follow. Her scent starts to get stronger so I start to slow down. I soon see Tris sitting on a fallen tree looking deep into the forest. I know she can hear me and smell me so I make my way over and sit next to her. She turns and looks at me and my heart shatters when I see her red eyes indicating she was crying.

"Hey" I start
"Hi" she says in a small voice. I look over at her and she is starring at the ground. I take my hand and lift her chin up so her stormy blue eyes are looking into mine.

"You know I would never reject you. Already you are the best thing that has happen to me" I say meaning every word. Her eyes get wide when I say this. A small smile forms at her lips.

" are the best thing that has happen to me to" she says smiling. I smile back. My real smile, not a forced one.

"So Tell me about yourself" she asks. Curiosity taking over her eyes. I smile and say

"Well... I am the Alpha of the Divergent Pack, my wolfs name is Boron. I am 16 years old and my friends are Will, And his mate Christina,Shauna and Marlene. I just found my beautiful perfect mate and I would never let anything hurt her." I look at her and she has a big smile and nods.

"What about you?" I ask

"Ok. I just turned 16. My dad is the Alpha of our pack the Dauntless, but I guess now I am part of the Divergent pack. I have two older brothers Zeke and my twin brother Uriah." So those are the guys that told me about her. I assume Uriah is the shorter one and Zeke is taller.
"I just found out I am a Luna. Also my wolfs name is Shei" she says. I nod my head and I already feel like we have known each other our entire lives.

"How about we morph into our wolves to show what we look like" she says with curiosity and excitement in her big eyes.

"Ok on three... One. Two. Three" I morph and after I look at her. She is beautiful. She looks strong but is on the tiny side, yet I know she is fierce. She has a full white coat and has piercing blue eyes. Beautiful.

I love her.

Tris POV:

"Ok on three...One. Two. Three" I change into my white wolf. I look at him and my breath is taken away from me. He is an all black wolf and dark blue eyes. He is bigger than me and looks very strong. You can see the Alpha on him.

He comes over and rubs his fur on mine and I do the same. My head going under his neck. Fitting perfectly. I know we are meant to be. He didn't reject me. He is my mate and I am his.

I love him.


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