Chapter 22.

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"Sir, could you please-"

"Sir, I know you want-"

"Sir, it would be better-"


All movement in the hospital room came to a halt as everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me with wide eyes. I lay in the hospital mood, agitated and anxious to get the baby out. The white sheets on the bed and the light blue hospital gown that I had on now were a stark contrast to the bright red of my face from how much I was sweating.

Their eyes widened further when my mate just growled and walked over to the bed and pulled out a stool to sit down on. He took my hand and clasped it between bis much larger ones and kissed the side of my head. When everyone remained still as a statue, he turned to them and glared until they got moving.

The room was filled with blurring figures in light blue scrubs finding things to do so they wouldn't be killed by my mate. Their fearful heartbeats were easy to hear and it made me feel guilty.

The door was pushed open and Dominic was immediately standing up in a protective stance. A small female stood in the doorway in doctors scrubs. I got a glimpse of dark hair pulled into a tight bun before the hospital hat was pulled securely over her head. Her blue eys crinkled at the corners as she smiled at me. I presume it was a smile, she had something covering the bottom part of her face.

I was pulled out of my thoughts trying to remember what it was called by a soft voice. "Hello, I hope you aren't in too much pain." Her eyes flickered to my mate and to our hands before returning to me. I offered her a small smile and nodded. "I'm glad to hear. I'm sorry for the delay, I was at the other side of the building when I was called for and had to get everything organised." Her eyes crinkled again.

They were a nice shade of blue, a light navy that had a twinkle of them and looked intelligent. If I didn't know she was a doctor alread, one look into her eyes and it wouldn't take you long to guess. She seemed like the type that set her mind to something and got it done.

I was glad she was our doctor now. Dominic had taken one look at the first doctor and had thrown a fit. It took me a while to be heard over his snarls and growls to explain to the staff that he didn't want a male doctor near me and asked them if they could find a female one before he killed everyone. I was only half joking.

The male doctor was quick to run out of the room while blabbering about how he was sorry and that he would find a female doctor for us straight away. I felt sorry for the poor guy, his thick hair was drenched with nervous sweat and his eyes refused to rest on one thing. He shook when he accidentally looked at me or at Dominic. I tried to smile at him to calm him down but that just set Dominic off the edge again.

The doctor sat on the chair at end of the bed and looked at me. "This is your first child, am I correct?"

"Yes it is, why?" I asked her, confused as to why it mattered.

"I was just making sure. First time mothers usually know they will feel the pain but when ir actually comes to it are shocked at the pain." She explained. "Do you know whether your baby is a boy or girl?" There was some rustling as she spoke, I assumed she was trying to distract me from the inevitable pain that was going to come soon.

"No, we decided to leave it as a surprise, I am honestly just hoping for a healthy baby." I looked at Dominic. "We have gone over names but are still undecided on exactly what we will call the baby. I was thinking of Irish names for our first born."

"Once it is not too hard to say and I approve then our child will be named an Irish name. You never know, when they are born, a name might come to your mind and it won't be Irish." He said in a soft voice.

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