Chapter 13.

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Dominic was not happy with me when I woke up. He would refuse to touch me or look at me. I was being punished. He said he would not mar my skin before I went into heat because it would make it too painful but that he still had to punish me. He cut down what I ate and forbade me from leaving our room when we got back. The trip back was spent in silence.

He told me what was going to happen after embarrassing him in public when we got home. When I first woke up, I was lying with my head in his lap back in our room at his house. We didn't go back to his parents house. He was sitting up with his back propped against the headboard to our bed. His fingers ran through my hair softly.

At first I was confused. I didn't know how we had gotten here or what had happened. I opened my mouth to ask what happened when I felt a sharp pain in my head. It was gone in a second but when when I opened my mouth again it came back even stronger than before. I whimpered in pain, unable to lift my hands to touch my head. Dominic kept running his hands through my hair, patiently waiting for me to stop whimpering. The pain stopped and he sighed down at me.

"You embarrassed me in public today. That were family were to be punished but instead of staying silent and watching, you were weak" he spat. His eyes flashed blue at me and I cringed away. The pain returned to my head and I bit my lip to prevent any noise from escaping. "I told you to behave today or you would be punished. You are going into heat soon so I will not mar your skin but I will still be punishing you.

"Your heat is soon, every wolf can sense it." he growled. "I wasn't going to let the punishment happen, what the family did was not worth the punishment they were going to get. You did not trust my judgement and instead took matters into your own hands. For that you will be punished. You are to say sorry after the punishment. Understood?" I nodded my head quickly.

"Good. Go sit in the chair, your punishment will begin now" he said.

"Yes Sir" I said quietly. . I thought about when he told me about the different types of training and how he didn't have to train me. Was him saying that his version of training me? Psychological training?

His face remained passive of emotion as I hesitantly sat down. I had to point my toes for my feet to brush the floor. I felt tiny sitting in this huge chair. It was made of wood that seemed to be worn down and old. It was cold and stiff, I knew my back would be aching afterwards from how uncomfortable it was. There was dried blood on the tip of the arm. My face paled and I glanced up at Dominic. He had released his aura and standing with is back straight. He was in full dominant mode now and it scared me. I have never seen Dominic in full dominant punishment mode and already I didn't like it. This Dominic was merciless, his eyes full of malice and disgust.


I flinched when I thought it. Did I disgust him? He stepped forward and my arms stuck themselves to the arms of the chair. I tugged but they refused to move. Oh God.

I kept my head bowed down and tried to mentally prepare myself for my punishment. I could make it through this. I could do it.

The pain started off bearable. It was still painful but I took deep breaths and tried to keep calm. It started to gradually get worse after a minute or two. The bearable pain turned into what felt like a needle poking my brain repeatedly. It wouldn't stop and by now my breaths were turning fast and short. Suddenly, it felt like a fire was spreading through my body, burning under my skin. I read somewhere about a type of hypothermia that made you feel as if your body was burning so you removed all of your clothes to try and cool down.

The fire simmered in my veins, under my skin, until it seemed to just boil. My skin felt like it was being ripped open and fire was being poured into my veins. I screamed in pain, thrashing against the invisible restraints. Tears leaked from my eyes, leaving a trail of gasoline down my cheek. The fire clung to it,roaring into life. I thrashed harder, desperately trying to escape the torture. My skin felt blistered, burnt off.

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