Chapter 3.

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I stare wide eyed at Dominic. He stood in front of me,arms crossed. His face remained cold and emotionless as he stared down at me. I felt like a petulant little child looking up at him from my spot on the bed.

"I will not ask again Kitten. Clothes off. Now." I bit my lip. Taking a deep breath I nodded. I didn't have any rebellious voice in me telling me to tell him to go fuck himself. I wish it was there, even if it were hidden deep but there was nothing. Just a wanting to be rebellious.

I stood, the top of my head reaching way below his shoulder. I glanced at him, hesitating. My face was bright red by now. He raised an eyebrow, a dangerous glint in his eyes. I pulled the zip down and let the dress pool by my feet, a lavender puddle of silk. I stood in front of him in only my heels and underwear. I avoided his eyes as I let my underwear drop on top of my dress. I stood in only my heels. I stepped out of them, feeling vulnerable. Why did the height difference have to be so extreme? I felt small around people who were 5"7 and this man was over 6"5.

He stalked over to me, his clothes gone. My eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as I took in the length of him.

"Oh fuck." I said. I covered my mouth. My eyes snapped up to his to find him with his eyes narrowed at me. Only men were meant to curse, my mother was constantly scolding me for my foul mouth.

He stepped closer, my eyes flickering to below his waist before back to his eyes. "What did you just say, little mate?"

"S-sorry. I, just ,um how are you, uh gonna, you know, fit?" I stumbled over my words blushing like crazy. I was so fucked. He chuckled. The anger that had been there a moment ago dimmed.

"Trust me, I will make sure I am fully inside of you." he smirked down at me, caressing my cheek. "Filling all of you completely." I gulped. He swiftly picked me up, his hands on the backs of my thighs. He laid me on the bed, covering my body with his, showering me with kisses. His mouth claimed mine in a feral kiss. My toes curled, his possessiveness leaked into the kiss, claiming me. My back arched off the bed towards him, needing him closer, impossibly closer. My breasts brushed his chest and I shivered at the feel of his naked chest on mine.

I had been warned of the effect being with your mate would be like. I wasn't prepared for the raw chemistry and sexual attraction right away, I thought it would gradually grow the longer we knew each other.

He growled into the kiss, pulling away when I felt I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. I lay panting, moaning at the feel of his mouth on my neck, painting my skin with love bites. His lips found the junction between my shoulder and my neck.

"I'm going to mark you now." He kissed the spot where he would mark me. I sucked in a deep breath, my toes curled in expectation. His teeth sank into my skin as he thrust into me, effectively taking me fully.

I screamed in pain. Tears spilled out of my eyes,the pain was unbearable. He paused inside of me, giving me time to adjust. He licked the wound on my shoulder causing a pleasurable feeling to fill me. I shivered and moaned. He stayed still inside me, waiting for me to tell him when I was ready. I was grateful, most men would ignore their mates and only think of their own pleasure.

I slowly lifted my hips, a silent encouragement to keep going. He started to move again, going faster and faster. He pulled almost completely out before slamming back in again. He did this a few more times. I moaned as he hit a particularly sweet spot, my muscles clenching around him. He grinned and continued his assault, hitting my sweet spot each time without fail.

I was surprised that I liked it so rough, especially for my first time.

I fell apart,screaming his name over and over. He kept going kissing my neck and massaging my breasts. He went faster, harder, pulling me over the edge once more. He growled and with one final thrust, released his seed into me. I lay immobile in pure bliss. I sleepily opened my eyes to see him above me with dark eyes.

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