Chapter 25/Final Epilogue/Wedding

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Who else has been hit by Storm Emma (I cannot call it the Beast from the East, it reminds me of when boys name their muscles). Ireland NEVER has snow and I'm actually loving this so much, you have no idea.


It was snowing.

Snowing in March.

On my wedding day. 

I stared out the window at the thick snowflakes falling and rapidly covering the ground. At least I had decided to wear boots and not the open toed shoes my mam wanted me to wear. I wouldn't make it to Dominic without my feet freeing solid.

I was already wearing my dress. I was ready to go but nobody else was. Everyone was still running around while I sat at the window and looked out at the garden. The garden had been kept tidy since we moved in with a local gardening company. The bushes were a deep green and the surrounding flours and grass were trimmed and bloomed to perfection. 

We were all in my home. Dominic was at his family's home and we were getting married in the local church. I could only imagine the multiple fights him and his brothers have already had in the few hours so far. 

I smiled and stepped away from the window. My own brother was with his mate who refused to let him leave his side. Nate had snapped and a fight followed that resulted in him being dragged to somewhere in the house. 

"Niamh! It's time to go!" Mam called from the kitchen,as if they had all been waiting on me and not the other way around. I smoothed down my dress as I stepped into the room filled with the close family. I was hustled out of the room and into a fancy car, not a limo, and my mam jumped in next to me. After we were on our way, my mam finally looked at me.

"You really do look stunning." She said with teary eyes. "I really wish you had worn lace though,it's in style now you know.I read that in one of those fancy magazines."

I laughed, "Mam, you saw me try on the lace, it looked terrible on me. I'm happy with my choice." Again, I smoothed down the front of my dress. She simply held my hand the rest of the journey, it wasn't far and we probably could have walked but me saying no to lace was already too much for my mother. Walking to my own wedding would send her over the edge.

The small church was perfect for the wedding. It was only the family and close friends invited to it. It was a quaint little church that had a warm feeling on the inside and not at all like the "oppression" Nate would grumble about.

I could hear the voices talking to each other from inside and the quiet laughter. Over it all, I could feel my mates presence. Feel his sense of security wrap around me like a warm blanket on a cold night. I was nervous, I didn't even know why.

If he decided not to marry now, he would still have to deal with me for the rest of his life because we're bonded now. And we have a child who was currently sleeping in his mothers arms judging by her steady and calm heartbeat. 

We entered through the door at the side that lead to the room that people usually got ready in. Fro there we walked down through the hallway where my brother was waiting to walk me down the aisle. I grinned at him and he smiled back.

Everyone left to find their seats and then the bridesmaids left. 

"It's not too late sis, we can always leave right now. Just say the word." Nate said seriously. 

"I'm not leaving now, you dope. Come on, let's go." 

With that, he opened the door and we stepped through.  My eyes met my mates and just like that, I felt even better than I already did. I felt all of the love that I had for him in that moment. 

His eyes glowed.


The wedding reception was quiet and intimate, the only things we both wanted. Ii wanted to have it close and not a big deal and Dominic, well, Dominic was Dominic. He only wanted one person present to make it official but after telling him that I wanted all of my family and close friends there, he relented. He took it too seriously and tracked down all of my cousins and other family and brought them over. 

The after party had an interesting mix of people.The Irish part of the family weren't used to the Lycans and were wary around them for most of the night until nearly every guest present was drunk and became best friends. 

Dominic and I watched on in amusement as they danced liked idiots and talked about things they were going to regret.

I never had the first dance with my father.  He refused to show up to the wedding and sent my mother to come up alone. She wouldn't say anything about my father to me or what was happening between them. I left it alone but it would be brought back up soon. 

Nate was pouting at the other side of the room with his mate next to him smirking. Cousins were twirling around. Lycan's eyes kept randomly flashing. The party would be coming to an end soon. 

If I was being honest, I had wanted to go home with my husband after the cake was cut and the first dance. It was some really nice cake too. 

When Dimitri caught our eyes and nodded his head and dragged Nate out, I decided that was a good enough excused for us to leave. We bid everyone a goodbye and left. When the doors closed to the party hall, I sighed in relief and looked at my mate.

"The next time I get married, I am not doing that." I said. I squealed as he threw me over his shoulder and stomped out of the house with me hitting his back with my fists.

"Come on, I mean in a long time. When I get-" My sentence was cut off by him planting me on my feet. My back hit a tree and he pressed against my front. His nose ran along my jaw and up to my ear.

"Never." He growled quietly.

"Never." I breathed back. 

He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I held on nice and tight and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I love you, my beautiful mate and wife."

"I love you too."

That night, we consummated our marriage right there hidden in the trees. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Nate and Dimitri are going to have their own book. I haven't even started it yet so it's going to be very slow but I will uploading the teaser later on today and uploading chapters when I'm finished my current books.

This brings us to the end of The Lycans' Claim. It's been a long journey. Thank you all so much for reading it.

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