Chapter 11.

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Small hands gripped my hair,dirty fingers wrapping around the strands,knotting my hair. I looked at Olivia amused. She was Lucys daughter and was more than happy to clamber onto my lap as soon as I sat down. She laughed,her chubby cheeks were dirty and her eyes shone with childish delight. She made gurlgling noises that could have been her trying to speak. I laughed and her whole face lit up. She started to laugh with me and pulled at my hair. It was sticking to her fingers by this point and I cringed. I'd definitely need to shower tonight.

Lucy came back in holding a tray with tea and biscuits. She took one look at Olivia and flushed bright red.

"Sorry! Sorry,I'll move her now" she scurried over to the table.

"No it's fine honestly, she's adorable" I smiled at the baby and she beamed back. Lucy paused and flashed me a smile.

She collapsed onto the seat and rubbed her temples.

"She has so much energy it's hard to think straight sometimes" she sighed. I didn't bother to ask her if her mate was helping her. I knew he wouldn't be helping. Raising the baby was strictly the females role. If the baby was male the father would take over when he felt the boy was old enough to be taught about how to control their mate. My father started teaching Nate the ins and outs when he was around 10 years old. Nate would practice the points on me sometimes in curiosity and my father would laugh loudly,boasting to his friends about his sons dominant skills later to his friends.

"You can go take a nap if you want,you know" I said casually "I don't mind looking after her for a while. I'll probably be having my own very soon" I looked over at her. She was studying me to see if I was serious after a few moments she slowly nodded.

"That would be great thank you" She stood up and kissed the top of her daughters head,smiling softly when she made the gurgling sound again. When she was gone I broke the biscuit into small pieces and gave a piece to her. She looked at it with wide eyes before dropping it on the floor. I sighed.

After a while she got bored on lap and started to whine,trying to get off my lap. I carried her on my hip and walked around until I found the playroom. I let her down and she happily crawled towards her toys. How old was she anyways? Could she eat solid foods?

Lucy was found by her mate around the same time I found my mate and she must have went into heat pretty soon. I looked over at the baby and frowned. That means she'd be what? A few weeks old? How long was I at Dominics parents house? A few weeks? Over a month?

I didn't even know what day it was. I didn't know what date or month it was and I didn't know what time it was. My chest constricted and I tried very hard to control my breathing. Olivia,looked at me and chortled. I kept my cool and went over to her, setting her on my lap as I sat on the ground. She was small,tiny even but was still bigger than I would have thought a newborn baby to be.

Her face scrunched up and her lower lip was sucked into her mouth. I knew what that face meant and the smell that came a few seconds afterwards told me I was right. I put her down so I could stand up. She looked up at me from the ground with wide eyes. She blinked at me as her eyes filled with tears. I hurriedly picked her up rubbing her back and murmuring to her it was okay as I walked us over to the changing table.

I lay her on the table and stared. I had no idea how to clean a dirty nappy. We were meant to learn it in school the week after I found my mate so I never got to attend that class. I always thought it was weird that they never thought to us when we were young and had fake babies. Maybe they knew we'd be very grossed out by the poop at that age and would refuse to go near it? I didn't know. Squaring my shoulders, I hunted for everything needed and set them on the table.

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