Chapter 24.

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"He wasn't looking at me for that long, Dominic." I said.

He glared at me, his whole body tense with his unleashed anger.

"Yes, yes he was. I will punish him for it, you are mine and he thought it was okay to look at you?" He growled darkly. I shifted Alex to my other hip and sighed.

"He was looking at me because I was holding Alex and his mate is expecting a baby soon so he was all loved up." When he growled, I hurried to explain. "Loved up with his pregnant mate, not me, dumbass."

"I don't care." He snarled.

"Dominic." I said calmly. He looked at me, waiting for me to continue, "calm down and shut up." With that said, I turned on my heel and walked back inside, leaving my fuming mate behind. I winced as I walked, my ass was still sore from his little punishment yesterday.

Little, my ass. I thought with a grimace.

After the party, he kept me up until the early hours of the morning. We were blessed with Alex being a quiet baby who always slept her way through the night. He liked to take full of advantage of that fact each and every night. I left the door open for him and soon enough, he followed me through the doorway.

I glanced past him at the trees. I sighed when I noticed one laying on the ground, broken to pieces. I looked up at him and my lips quirked slightly. He was glaring at the space in front of him as he walked, torn between going to the man who was looking at me and beating him and then leaving it be and having me happy.

Even though he was different towards me, there was still times where I would have to jump onto him to get him to stop doing his stupid mind control tricks on people he thought offended me on purpose. It was happening more and more lately, I noticed. A person would glance at me and hurriedly look away and for the first few times, I was uncomfortable with the looks but learned to deal with it.

Dominic would scowl at first but then suddenly the person would drop to their knees, clutching their head in their hands, screaming at him to stop. He wouldn't stop no matter how loud I yelled so I always resorted to kissing him or to putting my hand under his shirt and rubbing his bare skin.

I knew it had to do with Alex being born, not only did he feel like he had to protect me but also Alex. He didn't want to leave any possible threats even if they were ridiculous.

I was waiting for the moment when something life changing would happen and he would calm down with the hurting people. I was hoping it would come soon, I couldn't take much more.

I glanced down at Alex to find her sleeping. It worried me sometimes how much she slept, she slept for most of the day and for the whole night. The doctor told me that it was because of the Lycan and werewolf blood running through her veins. Her small body needed constant rest but that she would it was normal and that by the time she was going to school, she should be fine. If not, then we should worry.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. Nate and Dimitri invited us to dinner tonight. I said we would go, I asked Belle to babysit for us. She wants to spend more time with her Goddaughter." I said to him.


"Dominic, come on. I haven't been able to talk to Nate lately. I was held up by everybody else yesterday at your surprise party . Please?" I pouted up at him and widened my eyes.

He growled. "Fine. But we aren't staying for long and I'm going to have constant access to Bella and Rose's mind so I can see that they are not mistreating our daughter." He said. I squealed and launched myself at him. He chuckled as he caught me and gently spun me around.

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