Chapter 21.

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I've been here for two days. Two whole days. I'm already going crazy. The witch will be here in two days. That's what Bella told me anyways. She's been acting more distant with me, keeping a straight face when I make jokes, ignoring my trying to small talk. It's starting to really piss me off.

Dog has been down a few times, trying to get through my mental barrier, threatening me. I started to see the Dog that she warned me about. This wasn't the person who laughed and joked at the table, who found my rebellious attitude cute. He was annoyed now. Very, very annoyed.

He screamed in my face, threatened me, punched a hole in the wall. I just sat there with a smug look on my face. This seemed to infuriate him even more to which I was glad.

Bella warned me against it but I glared at her and she shut right up.

Despite our indifference towards each other lately, I still really like Bella. When I get out, I was going to make sure she and her mate were safe. If Dominic tries to defy that order, he'll regret it.

Being away from him these past few days has been painful but I'm starting to see things differently. I know that I can't really change his attitude towards 'owning' me that much but I sure as hell can help get to change the rules towards the mating.

Bella has told me more snippets of her hometown and from what I gathered, they worked perfectly fine without the stupid male domination. I was going over points in my head that I wanted to discuss with him when Bella came in carrying brownies. My stomach growled loudly. She grinned.

"I thought you might be hungry." She held the plate out towards me and I hesitated.

"Who made them?" I asked her cautiously. She rolled her eyes.

"Rose did. She's an amazing cook." Her eyes shone when she spoke of her mate. I took one and took a small bite.

It was delicious.

"Oh my God! They're so nice!"

Bell grinned again. "She's actually coming down today to visit me."

"She is?"

"Yep, she should be here soon-"

She was interrupted by a person laughing.

"Bye Jared!" The sound of heels walking towards us had us both craning our necks. A brunette of average height came into view and I blinked at her. My fingers were dusted with coco powder from the brownie, that I hadn't realised I had eaten all of. Her eyes were a light brown, matching the colour of her skin with dark hair cut into a pixie cut. I blinked at her again.

Her eyes widened on me and she put her hand to her mouth.

"You're pregnant?! Oh my Days, you ate the entire brownie!" She turned to her mate and slapped her hard on the arm. "You never told me she was pregnant!"

She batted her hands away. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"They're hash brownies, you idiot!"

Bellas head snapped towards me.

"I'm all wishy washy." I said dreamily. Their looks of horrors had me cracking up once more. Wait, had I laughed before?

I tried to pause and think but when I closed my eyes I couldn't remember why I stopped. I giggled. I opened my eyes and looked at Bella and Rose with squinted eyes.

"Oh shit! SHIT! I am so dead!" Bella panicked. I walked over to her and put one hand on her shoulder and the other on Roses'.

"It's all good. I'm chill, I'm down." I giggled again. I stared at them in fascination. "You're both so pretty! You'll have gorgeous babies don't worry."

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