Chapter 19.

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Dominic's POV




I ignored the people crowding around me, wanting to talk to me. Talked to a Lycan was a privilege, let alone talking to a powerful Lycan. I released my aura and they stepped back. They recognised a warning. A few flinched and shied away, others flinched but stayed.

I strode purposefully towards the building. The Alpha wanted to talk to me before the punishment took place. No doubt to try change my mind. I walked through the arched doorway, held open by two bodyguards that were not mine. Like they could keep me back.

I gave them a cold smirk and they flinched. Figures.

Inside was all wallpaper and dripping faucets. The Alpha sat lazily in a damp armchair. His mate sat perched on his lap, already pregnant. My thoughts traveled to my little mate. Her wide, doe eyes and soft brown hair. Her freckles and crooked smile were something I wanted to wake up to every morning.

The Alphas mate smiled at me. Niamh was fond of her, it baffled me but I knew if her friends were happy and safe, then she was happy. I smiled at her and her smile widened.

Alpha stiffened and stood, blocking my view of her.

"Jealous?" I mocked. He narrowed his eyes at me and I smirked. He knew I would never stray from my mate but males are jealous and I understood that more than him. Regularly, I checked the thoughts of people to make sure they were not thinking of my mate.

The ones who were, instantly regretted it. I smoothed my expression, adopting a cool expression. He stood straighter, trying to assert his dominance.

Dominance, I thought with amusement. Right.

"Justin and Dustin Drew did not do much wrong. Their mate was the one to cheat, not them." He spoke with authority, believing in his statement.

"They framed Delilah Summers and then they raped her. They deserve what they are getting." I said coldly. He winced at my tone.

"Listen, so they framed her and did something bad but they still do not deserve death. Don't you think it's a bit dramatic.?"

My eyes flashed and suddenly he was gripping his head, his screams of terror filling the room. I stepped forward and stood looking down at bis writhing body.

"They tried to rape my mate. They deserve much, much worse than what they are getting." I spat icily. He nodded his head frantically.

"Yes! They do, I'm sorry!" I stepped back and walked away from him. His heavy breaths and his mates rapidly beating heartbeat embarrassingly loud.

I nodded at his guards. They dipped their head in respect. They were most likely going to be shot because of how they failed to protect the Alpha.

I turned around. "Oh. Don't kill the guards or cause any harm to them physically, mentally, financially, etc, etc." I smirked at him and left. Niamh would rather they live. She was always worrying about how others felt.

I was walking to the chair in the town square when Niamhs thoughts entered my mind. She hurt her stomach. My nostrils flared. The security were supposed to be protecting her!

I called the phone I left her, if she didn't pick up, the guards would be-


I took a deep breath. They would live for another day.

"Why were you hurt?" I demanded, my anger flaring once again. I hired them idiots to keep her from harm.

"I'm not hurt." Her usually squeaky voice got even squeakier. I narrowed my eyes, she was getting defensive.

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