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The Lycans' Claim (completed) by aPieceOfGranite
The Lycans' Claim (completed)by JustNiamh
I was average. Ordinary. I had a few friends,followed the rules and tried to stay out of the way of males,like every other female. He was a Lycan. His possessiveness an...
  • fear
  • controlling
  • niamh
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Black Lagoon by ElleSmurfitt
Black Lagoonby Isabel
Being chosen as a recipient to come enjoy the waters of the world famous 'Black Lagoon', I was a bit curious and no small amount suspicious. My friends are all for it, a...
  • mermaidsandexperimentation
  • abusementioned
  • growinggillsandchills
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Love Came Calling - An Olly Murs and One Direction Fan Fiction! by Mrsniamhymurs
Love Came Calling - An Olly Murs Crєσlє Lαdч Marmαlαdє ❤
When you have found and lost the love of your dreams, can you ever love again? Niamh Styles yes Harry Styles sister well Niamh was about to find out if Love can Come Ca...
  • swift
  • cowell
  • trust
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St. Canard's Catalogue of Colorful Criminals by Sputtersparky-tm
St. Canard's Catalogue of Sputtersparky-tm
Young wanna-be writer, Niamh Featherfoot, is a fan of the criminals of her home city, St. Canard. One day hoping to be able to publish a book on all the lesser known vil...
  • negaduck
  • reginald
  • four
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sexy nasal moans by opaquejauregui96
sexy nasal moansby mackenzie
will she make you moan in nasal too?
  • fanfic
  • nasal
  • niamh
𝑫𝑬𝑨𝑫𝑳𝒀 𝑭𝑨𝑬 by bloodycorset
"𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒚 𝒊𝒔 𝒐𝒇𝒕𝒆𝒏 𝒅𝒆𝒄𝒆𝒊𝒗𝒊𝒏𝒈..."
  • niamh
  • firstdoppelganger
  • vampirediaries
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Happy birthday songs by dramallama215
Happy birthday songsby AprilWhyte
  • niamh
  • queenofstupid2123
St. Canard's Catalog of Colorful Criminals (Continued) by Sputtersparky-tm
St. Canard's Catalog of Colorful Sputtersparky-tm
Felt I had to sort of start over a little on this story. You can choose to read the old one if you'd like, but I feel this needed to be started up after so long from a...
  • quackerjack
  • feahterfoot
  • duck
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Alone by CookieDancer64
Aloneby Hazel♡
An accident A death A coma A betrayal All in 7 months
  • death
  • niamh
  • fun
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Me, myself and I by paulyb2000
Me, myself and Iby paulyb2000
Little bit about me even though I'm boring if your a friend have a look you might find out something new about me
  • eve
  • adam
  • alex
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How to: Find a Husband on Twitter by liam_painisreal
How to: Find a Husband on Twitterby liam
Zayn is a dark Larrie. Who are Abbie and Niamh? Queens. If you read my books you'd know that. Louis is an openly gay musician. Harry is Harry. Niall is in love. Liam is...
  • abbie
  • larrystylinson
  • liam
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The Janoskians meet and greet by ChelseajadeLimbert
The Janoskians meet and greetby Chelsea-jade Limbert
To prove the boys care...
  • niamh
  • shona
  • zoe
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Romanticised Mythology by OSShields
Romanticised Mythologyby OSShields
Retellings of some of my favourite myths each with their own new twist
  • khonsu
  • bildungsroman
  • romance
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NAILEY by ellie_jelly101
NAILEYby ellie_jelly101
Here you go NIAMH I know you'll like this one
  • nailey
  • story
  • love
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The one who got away h.s by nanarrygirls
The one who got away h.sby nanarrygirls
What happens when niamh and harry cross paths ..... Again. Love, lust, hate and betrayal. But will their differences be sorted by the thing that reunited them.
  • louis
  • niallhoran
  • harreh
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Niamh Chadburn by londonblue2014
Niamh Chadburnby londonblue2014
A 16 year old girl who is pregnant with twins
  • burn
  • chad
  • niamh
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The ghosts of Salem  by NiamhA21
The ghosts of Salem by NiamhA21
One town.10 murders
  • bullys
  • murder
  • dark
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The Last Scar by imadoranthathoranfan
The Last Scarby Mikayla Johnson
After the many tragedies Niall faces, he starts a bad habit. But when Liam walks in what will he do?
  • niamhayne
  • hayne
  • bromance
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She's Not Afraid { A Liam Payne Story } by dreamwideawake
She's Not Afraid { A Liam Payne Amina
Liam payne, A dark figure whom nobody had ever heard of decided to Kidnap innocent Kylie Rosswood for an unknown reason. Kylie struggles to find a way away from her hand...
  • stayout
  • tfan
  • liam
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