Chapter 20.

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I heard a fly buzz when I died,

The stillness in the room was like

The stillness in the air

Between Heaves of Storm

I paused my mind going blank. What was it again? I know this. I was the first poem that I ever sat down to learn because I wanted to. I grew an obsession for Dickinson and soon I had learned all of ehr poems off by heart.

Eyes around had wrung them dry

And Breaths were gathering firm

waiting for that last onset

When the King be witnessed in the room

I willed my keepsakes signed away,

what portion of me be assignable

And then it was

There interpsoed a fly

With a blue, uncertain, stumbling buzz

Between the light and me

And then the windows failed and then

I could not see to see.

I think that's it. There are no books or computers here to see if I'm right. I wish Dominic were here. He would know and if he didn't, he would be quick to help me find the answer.

Dominic. He was probably worried out of his mind for me. I just hope he isn't doing anything he'll regret. Like killing everybody in the dungeon.

I rolled my eyes. It was something he would do, to try and ease the anger but not cause too much damage. He's changing lately, he's not as rough with me or strict. It's like he's starting to understand that I am not just an object. I hope he sees that for other females as well.

He has the power to make a change, I just need to be there next to him so he doesn't get impatient and just kill every male who is against it. He needs to be patient or the dominant mates will be annoyed and be crueler behind closed doors, to prove their egos.

The sound of boots slapping on the ground had me freezing. I stood still and listened. They got louder and louder before stopping in front of my door. The key turned and my guard from yesterday stood there.

"Hello Bella." I chirped. She rolled her eyes at me. "How are you today?" I waited.

No response. She was carrying a box full of clothes and was sorting through them.

"Did you do something to your hair? You look very radiant today, Bella." I smiled at her. She sighed and looked at me.

"I dyed it a shade lighter." Her cheeks tinted pink and my grin widened.

"Really? I never usually notice them things." I sat down on the bed, swinging my legs back and forth. "It suits you, you look very pretty." Her face went pinker and I tried to hide my smile. I didn't know I could make people blush, usually it's the other way around. She laid out a dress for me and dropped a pair of sandals on the ground.

She nodded towards them. "Put them on, you have an hour before I have to change you myself" She said absently.

I blinked at her. "Why do I have to get changed if I'm not allowed to leave my room? You know, because I'm grounded." My voice dripped with annoyance. I sounded like a child.

"We have to keep you as clean as possible, we can't risk any harm coming to you or to the baby."

"You sound like you were told to say that. Am I that predictable?"

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