Chapter 6.

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"We have to go down for dinner now." I got out of the bed comfortable bed and sighed as I stood up. Pulling me into his side we walked downstairs, I looked around as we walked. Paintings of ancestors adorned the walls as well as thick curtains that decorated the windows. The walls were a warm raspberry colour and I couldn't help but think how odd of a colour that was to have on the walls. Even though it was weird, it seemed to fit. It made the hallway warm and welcoming but also dark at the same time. We passed a few doors before we arrived at the stair case. It curved as you walked down it before breaking off into two sections.

"The right leads to the kitchen. It's how the servants enter the rooms upstairs when they need to clean. You are not allowed to go down that way." Dominic said to me. I nodded back at him as we walked into a large room.

Many people had already arrived and were seated. One or two females sat on their own chair but most sat on their mates laps. There was a male who had to be around 5"5 and his mate looked to be around 5"11. Males were usually tall in the werewolf community so I had a feeling he was part werewolf and part something else. From his build and pale skin I guessed vampire.

I had never met a vampire before because they only came out at night and females were not allowed outside when it was dark. The area where I had lived didn't have any vampires, I heard tales of them but had never actually seen one. There were a few in the town next to ours and sometimes they passed through, stayed for a few days and left.

Most of the males were blonde ,which I assumed they inherited after their father. Dominic most likely got his black hair from his mother. She had taken her hair out of the braid and it spilled over her shoulder in waves.

Dominic sat down and pulled me onto his lap. He had me facing the others and I couldn't help but feel happy that he was letting me to look at them. His mother turned and smiled at me. She was sitting at the head of the table next to Dominics father.

"Hello dear, it's lovely to finally meet you." Her voice was strong as she spoke, it was a contrast to her delicate appearance.

"Hello, it's lovely to meet you too." I could hear how quiet my own voice was and mentally scolded myself. I smiled at her and she beamed at me. She turned to her son.

"She's adorable Dominic. You are very lucky to have her." I blushed bright red and tried to concentrate on the table so my face would go back to its normal colour.

"Thank you,mother." he replied "I know she will be beautiful rounded with my pups." At the mention of pups I jumped slightly. His mother glanced at me and laughed.

"Has she gone into heat yet?"

"Not yet but I know it will be soon." he nuzzled my neck and let out a small growl at the thought of my heat. I didn't want my heat to arrive, I knew I would turn into a sex crazed animal and be in constant heat while feeling cold at the same time. My mother told me about hers and what to expect. It sounded awful. I knew my scent would spread and other males would know I was in heat. I had a feeling Dominic was going to be a constant presence in bed when I was in my heat. Luckily it only comes every six months.

"Don't look so frightened child, it is not as bad by the third month" she reassured me.

My eyes widened as I stared at her.

"Third month?" I choked out. What did she mean by third month?

"Yes, a Lycans mate goes into her heat every month, did your parents not warn you?" her eyebrows were pulled together as she looked at me worriedly.

I shook my head. She glanced at my mate and then bit her lip. Giving me a sympathetic smile. Sudden laughter had me glancing across the table to see one of the brothers looking over at us in amusement. He had brown eyes and short blonde hair. When he laughed a dimple popped up on his left cheek. I remembered my brother suddenly who had a dimple on his right cheek. I had a dimple on my left cheek and he used to tell me when were younger that it meant we really were siblings.

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