Chapter 2.

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The party was only beginning when we entered. Females stood tucked under their mates arm or behind them as they walked and talked to other people,remaining silent. Unmated females remained close to their father or brothers, never straying away to be in only the company of females.

Rule Number 3: A female must never be left unaccompanied by a male in public, she is to be under constant supervision.

I trailed behind my brother and father. My mother was tucked under his arm and he narrowed his eyes at unmated males looking at her. He didn't like other people looking at her. She was wearing a full length gown with long sleeves. The dress complimented her curves subtly without it being too obvious. My father said only he should be allowed to see her body shape and nobody else. Some days he let her wear dresses that stopped right below her knees, but that was only on good days.

Most mates were used to produce children and to be shown off. Some females didn't mind, females like Ms.Dawson, who strived in being shown off. Took great pride in their mate and laid back and let them do everything. Others made it known that they hated the idea. My eyes strayed towards a group of unmated females who had shown up wearing knee length dresses with plunging necklines. They refused to dance with any male and instead stood and talked with each other. I was envious of them.

Some had relaxed fathers, the others had fathers or brothers that had passed away leaving them without a male chaperone.

One of my biggest fears was that I would become one of the obedient females who loved being shown off. My mother isn't the type to love the way we live but she has accepted it, she has learned to make the best out of it.

He talked to people as we passed them, making light conversation. My brother would sometimes ask if he could look at their daughters, circling them as he tried to see if they were mates. The males watched eager while the females remained silent. Each time he shook his head,my father would sigh and pat his shoulder

"You'll find her soon,my son. You're only nineteen." I smiled reassuringly at the girls, Nate wasn't the type to be cruel to females, he had a lot more understanding than most males and would make a good mate. I was proud to have him as my brother.

Nate nodded and evaluated his surroundings. My father nibbled my mothers earlobe and growled lowly when her breath hitched. I could sense movement in front of me and knew my father had my mother cornered into the wall. I tensed,knowing what was going to happen next.

Nate sensing this also,cleared his throat "Father I am going to get a drink. Come on, Niamh"

I hurried towards him muttering a quiet "thank you" when we were out of earshot. I peeked up at him and he grinned at me.

"I didn't want to witness it another time to be honest. It's the second time today. I assumed you had mutual feelings about the situation. I mean,who wants to see their mother and father 'get it on.'" I choked on a laugh as he said this. We walked past the bar and out into the garden. He walked until we were away from everybody but close enough to return to the party quickly. He sat and gestured for me to sit next to him.

I sat next to him and sighed. It was nice to be out here with Nate. I knew I was very lucky to have an understanding brother,not many people were that lucky. Some made their wives or sisters crawl behind them. My father and brother were not that cruel.

For a while, females were collared by their mates. It was ruled out by Alpha Raphs father when a females collar was too tight and her mate refused to loosen it as punishment. She died on the street and our pack had a few almost fights with other packs because of it.

She hadn't belonged to this pack and didn't understand many of the rules. Her mate was less than understanding and had next to no patience.

To keep the peace, the late Alpha ruled out collars and handed over the mate to the other pack and allowed them to issue the punishment. He was choked to death by the females brother.

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