Chapter 4.

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I was never the type of girl to go crazy. The way females were treated today, it made some afraid and some want to break free of the restraints forcefully put around us.

There was this girl called Clara in my class a few years ago, she was tall and blonde and the definition of a rebellious female. We were only fourteen and she was already refusing to follow any rules she did not agree with. She came to school with bright red lips and her school skirt way above her knees. She walked with a sway in her hips and winked at us when we gawked. She would take any punishment they gave her and still show up to school with her red lips and short skirt. Everybody knew her. Everybody wanted to be her.

Until suddenly they didn't.

When we were sixteen, a man came to the class. He was tall and lean. He looked at us all sternly,our heads immediately snapping down. Clara refused. She said she would not bow to someone she did not know nor respect. I can still remember the glint in the man's eyes as he looked at her. The class had their heads slightly up looking at the scene unfold. He wasn't much older than us, maybe eighteen years old

"If you will not obey me,I will take you with me,my little mate" he spoke,his voice was deep,full of authority.

Clara stayed silent, staring at him, daring him to do something. From my view, I could see that her fisted hands were shaking. It was something I always noticed, how she would always fist her hands in class and when she came to school, I just assumed it was from anger at the rules. Now I'm not so sure. She was the type that was brave, wanted to prove that she was never afraid and she most definitely was not afraid of men.

Finally she spoke "I won't go with you. You can beat me and chain me down but I will still fight against you so you're better off not wasting your time, buddy." she stared him in the eyes as she spoke,her voice dripping with venom.

He laughed darkly at her in response, stalking over to her, he ripped her from her chair and threw her over his shoulder. He ignored her fist pounding on his back, her threats. He nodded at the teacher before calmly leaving with her screaming.

The class sat stunned. Clara was a legend in school. Now she was gone. Ms. Dawson shook her head sadly, her eyes showing her disapproval. It wasn't that she disagreed with how Clara was taken, it was that she thought Clara had acted the wrong way. She wanted her to bow down to her mate and offer him everything she had.

A few weeks after she was taken, her best friend, Leah, was publicly punished for Clara's misbehaviour. Clara sat at the front,forced to watch. I could see something break in her that day, the fight leave her body as she watched her friend be punished for her actions. Leah was small and shy, refusing to say anything bad about anyone, even the male wolves.

The people who knew Leah watched the punishment happen, heard her cries of pain that she couldn't hold in. We all felt something break inside of us that day. Especially Clara.

She behaved from then on, eventually loving her mate, a pack warrior. Most females had the same ending. Mates would sometimes be kind and compassionate, treating their mates right and earn their love and trust. Other mates would use them however they wanted to use their mates and wait until the mate bond was strong enough to create love.

I thought about this as I lay in bed beside my mate. Clara had given me the confidence to ask my father to become a vegetarian and to keep fighting for it. My father agreed the day of Leah's punishment, I think even he had his limits when it came to punishments.

Fresh rain and the Forrest. That's what he smelled like. When it rained in the summer and covered the grass, the trees. That's what he smelled like. I inhaled deeply and sighed. I shifted uncomfortably underneath his heavy arm. I needed to pee. Badly.

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