Chapter 14.

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My heat ended on Tuesday. Today it is Sunday and I'm sitting patiently next to Dominic in the waiting room for the doctors. He wants to make sure I am healthy and to see if I am pregnant.

I think he already knows the answer but stjll wants to confirm it with a doctor. I know I'm pregnant and I know Dominic can sense the baby growing in me.

Ever since my punishment, I haven't been acting the same around Dominic. During my sex crazed heat, I was too overcome by need to remember, but as soon as my heat ended, so did my attraction to my mate.

I was terrified of him again. His height and muscles no longer turned me on to the point of embarrassment but made me flinch from him whenever he came near me.

I rub my stomach absentmindedly. Dominic is on the the phone,speaking a language I don't understand. He's been on the phone non stop today,his voice tense with orders he is no doubt giving to his employees all around the world.

This serves as another reminder that if I run,I will be found. He's been reminding me of this since my heat ended. I was confused why he kept telling me, I already knew.

His mother came to visit on Wednesday. I heard her talking about a mate running away. She was found the next day by her mate and is to be publicly punished everyday for two weeks.

Dominic ended the call as the doctor walked out. He stood,reaching his hand out to me to take a hold of. I did so without hesitation and followed them into the office. I kept my head down out of habit. I knew that around werewolves I didn't need to have my head bowed,only around Lycan's but it still felt wrong to have my head lifted up around no matter what kind of male.

The doctor didn't look at me once when talking to us,he only looked at my mate and even then they were only glances. He knew his place and it certainly wasn't enough to keep eye contact, just glances.

Dominic's aura was out to ward people away. It worked. Everybody stayed a good distance away from us with their heads bowed. Even the male's. I was half tempted to stay away as well, it was too powerful, too strong..

Doc rubbed the blue gel onto my stomach and ran it around,looking for the baby.

He smiled "Yes,you're definitely pregnant." He touched the screen where a small,peanut like shape was "there's your baby." I stared at the screen.

He had to be wrong,there was no way a baby could form from something so small.

I looked up at Dominic. He was looking at the screen with determination. He met my eyes and for the first time in weeks, graced me with a soft,genuine smile filled with love. I grinned up at him and looked back to the screen. Doc was printing off the scan for us in another room.

My mate wiped the gel off of me stomach and helped me to change back into my dress. He leaned down and gave me soft kiss. I smiled at him when he pulled away before looking down at my feet and playing with my dress. He sighed but didn't say anything.

We collected the picture and drove to his parents house. I stared at the picture, my thumb brushing where the peanut shape was. Peanut. I understood why parents would call their children Peanut as a nickname. It was the first time they saw their child,of course they would remember it forever.

Dominic's hand was on my thigh and I sighed at the warm feeling it spread through my body. In a week or two,I would already be showing. Werewolf pregnancies are shorter than human pregnancies. Lycan pregnancies would only be three months long.

I placed my hand on my stomach, in three months I was going to be a mother.

My chest tightened and I gripped the door handle. A bubble of anxiety began to form in my chest,slowly controlling my thoughts. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown when Dominic squeezed my thigh.

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