Chapter 23.

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"Niamh. Get your ass over here right now." Dominic growled. He stood at the other side of the counter, his eyes flashing. I stuck my tongue out at him and remained where I was. His eye twitched and I laughed. I loved to annoy him. I know what buttons to press and what buttons to stay the hell away from. Right now, I was edging towards sending him over the edge and being chased.

"Not so fast there, mate. I am the dominant one right now and you have to do as I say." I smirked. I knew and he knew that he could have me in his arms within seconds, he was fast enough for it.

Despite his Lycan blood running through my veins, I was still that tiny bit slower than him. He loved it, the bastard. He loved to be dominant as well. He loved to control and had the possessive ways to contribute to his dominance.

He smirked at me and stood up straight. His eyes were glowing as they regarded me. "This has been fun, mate but I would not push my luck if I was you. You and I-"

"Oh hush." I said interrupting him. He clenched his jaw, now he was mad. Perfect. I just had to get him over the edge and then my plan would be in action. "What do you think of that guy from the bakery? He's not too far from my age, right?" I knew the thought of me thinking of another male would blind his mind.

That did it. He lunged at me and I grinned as I slipped away from him, running as fast as I could. I made sure to slam the door after me, hoping it would slow him down.

It didn't.

I ran through the open front door, slamming it shut behind me. That one would slow him down for sure. I sped through the forest surrounding our house, hearing him already gaining on me.

I huffed in annoyance and pushed myself further. His loud growls could be heard miles away. I skidded to a halt at the large clearing in the woods, glancing around with a smirk on my face. My legs burned from the strain on them but I ignored it.

My mate flew through the air, tackling me to the ground, growls leaving his chest. His eyes were glowing even brighter than they were in the kitchen as he looked down at me.

I leaned forward, pecking him on the lips. "Surprise."I whispered

He frowned, a line froming betweens his brows. I grinned mischievously up at him as he inhaled, his head snapping up.

Our closest family and friends stood in a line in front of us, their laughs filling the air.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They cheered. He glanced down at me, his eyes softening.

"The bakery guy has nothing on you." I murmured seductively to him.

"Hey!" A hurt voice called from the back. I laughed as Dominics head snapped up again, growling at the voice.

"Come on, get up. you don't expect us to just lie here for the entire party do you?"

"I don't know, I like you in this position." he leaned down, burying his face in my neck, nipping at the skin.

I bit my lip and fisted his shirt in my hands, arching my back into him. "Dominic." I breathed, "there's people and children here, we can't." He pouted and I giggled. The big bad Lycan pouting, it was a sight to see.

He rose from the ground, narrowing his eyes on any males as he stood in front of me while I stood. I slipped my hand into the one he offered me. I tugged at his hand when he continued to glare at the men. He looked down at me.

"We're mated and have a child together, ease up." I hit his arm and he pulled me to him, tucking me under his arm. The line of family and friends spread out, exposing all of the other party guests. They cheered and clapped as we made our way to the bonfire, to where Teresa was holding little Alex.

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