Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 - Monsters

Shocked, I ran away, only to see that I was surrounded by more zombies. I ran past them and towards my house, but a spider jumped down right in front of me from a tree, blocking my path, except this spider was bigger than a wolf!

Out of panic I slashed at it several times until it finally fell dead to my feet. I then quickly grabbed some string that it dropped, thinking it might come in handy eventually, and I continued running home, slicing more spiders and zombies on the way.

"Hissssss--" An explosion came from behind me before I saw what made the strange hissing sound. I fell to the ground and turned around to find a huge crater in the middle of the ground. I got closer to see what exploded, but found nothing and was soon forced to run again from another spider.

I finally reached a point where my home was in sight, but I was too tired to run any longer, and I was seriously injured.

I quickly grabbed a bite of an apple I found recently, then I continued to run. When I finally got home, I ran inside and closed the door behind me, except my house was never finished.

I turned around and found a green monster standing right behind me, so I slashed it with my sword. "Hissssssss--" I jumped back as the monster exploded before my very eyes, leaving a giant hole in the house I worked so hard on.

Barely able to move by now, I jumped into the hole and covered it on top of me, leaving me inside of a dark hole under my house.

Too tired to even open up the hole and check for sunlight, I lay in the hole, and I stayed there.

I thought back at what happened, and remembered my father in the form of a zombie. I began to weep, and spent the rest of the night in the hole, just crying, unable to fall asleep.

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