Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 - Return

I hid behind a corner and rolled on the wall, trying to get the fire off of me, and eventually I got it off. I look over the corner and was immediatelly shot at with more fire charges, so I hid back behind the corner and took out my bow, I then turned the corner and shot the Blazes as soon as their charges passed me.

I managed to kill one before the other set on fire again, which I then figured out meant it was ready to shoot the charges again. Instead of pulling on another arrow, I waited for the blaze to shoot at me, then I dodged the fire charges, and shot it, killing it, and making it drop its blaze rods.

I ran to the rods over the floor and picked them up, then I ate the last of my food and waited for more of the monsters to be reproduced. I swung at them with my sword as soon as they showed up, from smoke that appeared out of no where, and I killed them as they kept coming. Eventually, I decided I had gathered enough blaze rods, and decided to exit the fortress, hoping to never have to come back.

I walked through the maze once more, at first following the marks I left behind after being lost for a while, and then looking for noticable places I remembered seeing on the way to the blazes.

After a long time wandering around, I realised I was hungry, too hungry to even walk any more, but I also saw in the distance the doorway I made to enter the fortress. I walked towards it, and as I got closer I noticed two dark figures in front of it, so I readied my sword and approached them.

As soon as they noticed me they ran towards me quickly, and I saw that they were skeletons, except they were dark grey, and had stone swords instead of bow and arrows. I switched between hitting the first skeleton and the second skeleton away from me, but after I killed the first one, I missed my chance to kill the second one, and it hit me.

My body became heavy, and my heart felt as if it stopped beating, yet at the same time my body still functioned normally. I struck the skeleton, and collapsed onto the ground, gasping for air.

My body felt as if it were withering away, and my veins had turned black, but eventually, the pain retreated, and my body returned back to normal. I slowly got up, and saw that the skeleton, which I decided to name a Wither Skeleton due to the wither effect it gave me, dropped its head, so I picked it up, deciding I may need it in the future.

I crossed my dangerous, cobble stone bridge, and eventually got back to my portal, which I hapilly stepped into, longing for the sight of daylight.

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