Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 - New Beginnings

I woke up in the middle of a new forest, and to this day I still don't know how I've come to arrive there, but I immediately knew what I had to do. First I checked my bag for tools, and when I did, I found it empty, meaning I had to make new tools from scratch.

I explored the area for a while, finding a desert to the north, and a jungle beyond that, which I saw from afar.  Deciding not to explore any longer, I went back to the area in which I woke up, and I found  a small pond there, so I decided to build my house next to it.

I began by chopping down a tree, which was difficult since I had no tools to begin with, but when I finally finished I've decided to begin by making a table to craft on.

I made myself a wooden axe, pickaxe, shovel, and sword. I chopped down more wood with the axe and I turned all the wood into planks, which I then used to begin building my house.

After I was half way done with the house, my tools were worn out, and I knew I needed stronger ones, so I decided to look for stone in order to make stone tools. I wandered around and found a small cave, then I used my wooden pickaxe to mine some stone.

I ran back home, seeing that the sun was setting and quickly made stone tools, but when I finished crafting the new tools, it was already night time, and my house was still only halfway finished.

I quickly went to work, and soon I heard a moaning sound come from behind me, so I turned around and pulled out my stone sword.

I was shaking, for I've never actually seen the creatures of the night yet, and the moaning noises were approaching me, until finally I saw a figure in the distance, another human! It was my father, I noticed him from afar, so I ran towards him.

My father turned around, and came closer to me, but at a slow pace. Finally, I saw his face, and realized that he wasn't my dad. He had all of the same features, but he was dead!

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