Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 - Obsidian

What to do with my diamonds, I didn't know, for I had only seven available.  A helmet, boots, a sword, a pickaxe, an axe, or a shovel. I knew how to and could've made any of these, but I decided instead to hold onto them and use them when I needed to.

I ventured around the cave for a little while, but eventually found myself back where I found the diamonds, so I began to look around that area for minerals, but I was soon distracted by the annoying water current, which was still coming from the ceiling, so I went to block it.

After swimming against the current for a while, I finally got close enough to place down some stone, thus having blocked the source of the water. I then turned around and saw that the lava was turned into a hard, solid, dark purple material, which I then tried to mine with my iron pickaxe.

After a minute of nonstop mining, I saw that I was getting nowhere, and that I would need a better pickaxe, and that's when I finally decided upon how to use my diamonds.

I had four diamonds left after I made the pickaxe, since that required me to use up three of them, so I put them away and began to mine the material, which I soon discovered was obsidian.

I knew not what I had to do with the obsidian, nor it's importance, and found myself questioning my purpose as I mined it, but I knew, although I didn't know how I knew, that the obsidian was of great importance, and mined a lot of it before I left it. I then turned around to find a path home.

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