Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 - Endermen

Feeling stronger than ever before, I didn't hesitate to go outside and begin hunting for Endermen. I climbed up the ladder, swam out of the water in which my entrance was, and I left my home without any intention of returning, bringing with me my finest set of equipment, as well as my second best, just in case.

I also carried with me a bunch of potions, a bucket, blaze rods, a bow capable of shooting out magical arrows, as well as dealing great damage to and setting my enemies on fire, and enough food to have lasted me weeks.

I proceeded to climbing the mountain next to my home, occasionally falling down and taking slight damage after dangerous jumps. When I got to the top of the mountain, I, for the first time, looked around and saw everything outside my home. The sight would've been beautiful, but the sun was soon to set, and I had to make leave quickly were I to find any Endermen.

To my left I saw a desert in the distance, laid down to be completely flat, and it looked like the perfect place for fighting any monster. I drank a speed potion and ran towards the desert, feeling lighter than I ever have before.

By the the time I reached my destination, the sun had already been down for a minute or two, and there was already a patch of Endermen ahead in the distance. I drank a strength potion, as well as a night vision potion, and then pulled out my bow and shot at one of the Endermen, except immediately before the arrow hit it, it teleported to the side.

I tried again with the other Endermen, but my arrows never hit. I eventually gave up and pulled out my sword, then I charged to their location.

I hit the first one from the back, and it immediately turned around and began to attack me. Expecting no damage, I let the blow hit me, but I immediately staggered back and noticed that I've been injured. Shocked at taking more damage than a zombie with a sword would deal, I don't have time to react to the second swing, and before I knew it, I was struck into water.

Paralyzed with fear, I was unable to stand and fight back, except when the Endermen touched the water, he teleported away with a look of pain.

I analyzed the situation, and concluded that Endermen couldn't be hit by arrows, were a lot stronger than any other monster, and are weak to, and fear water.

I ate some porkchops and waited a while before charging at the Enderman again, this time however, the Enderman knew I was approaching, and was teleporting towards me, letting out a terrifying screech in the process. I hear him teleport to my side, but by the time I turn, it's too late. I take the first hit but dodge the second, then I begin swinging at the monster until at last he is dead.

Once again injured, I take my time as I look for the Enderman's dropped pearl, except I do not find one. Seeing that they don't always drop the pearls, I'm immediately confronted by the fact that this would be a lot harder than I expected, and would last much longer as well.

I fill up my bucket with water, and I next attack two Endermen at a time, this time using the bucket of water to my advantage. A short battle confirms that though they deal more damage, they are still unable to easily defeat me, and Endermen can't take so many hits as to be troublesome. The only real problem with Endermen, ultimately, would be their ability to teleport.

I spend the next few nights hunting Endermen and picking up their pearls, the returning home to stock up on equipment. After about a week, I finally end up with 28 ender pearls, more than twice the amount of Blaze Rods I am carrying on me.

I smashed the rods, and ended up with enough Blaze Powder to make 24 Eyes of Ender. Now having the necessities, I truly say goodbye to my home, and head out to find "The Stronghold."

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