Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 - Exiled.

How should I begin this story? Once upon a time perhaps? Or maybe I should start by foreshadowing, then heading straight back to the beginning. 

I have decided. I will indeed throw in some foreshadowing: quite simply, I am about to die.

But before I tell you what is down here, I must first tell you how I got here, and where here is as well. So let's start at the beginning shall we?

I was reckless. I've stolen the crops, destroyed the houses, and removed the doors during night time, a time where we were all to hide from the dangers of the dark, which I have yet to actually witness myself.

Once, however, I took it too far, and I was exiled from my land. I've accidentally killed a citizen, and destroyed a whole section of our town. By destroying the block of stone keeping our supply of lava away from us, lava poured out of the blacksmith's working chambers, and burned down two houses, also killing our guard.

They were going to kill me, if it weren't for my father. They agreed to let him take me as far away as he could, rather than punishing me by drowning me in the well. So he did.

They gave him weapons of stone, and armor of leather. They supplied him with food, and they gave him a boat.

We soon departed from the village, with no goodbyes, no sorrow, simply hate.

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