Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 - The Nether

The first thing that hit me was the heat. I would have taken off my armor right away if it weren't for the humanoid zombie-pig standing right in front of me with a golden sword in its hand. I jumped up in alarm and readied myself, except it didn't attack me. Instead it looked straight at me with blank expression, then it turned around and simply walked away.

Startled, I looked around to see myself inside of a cave, made up of a material named netherrack. I recognized the material because it was just as the book described it, cobblestone-like, but pale red rather than grey. The fact that this entire cave was made of netherrack also meant that I was in the Nether, the second of the four dimensions, the other dimensions being the Aether and the End.

I took off my armor, since I knew the Zombie Pigmen wouldn't attack me, and I proceeded to find the exit of the cave, which held my Portal back to the Overworld, which looked identical to my Nether Portal.

When I finally found my way out, I found myself walking along the edge of the bottom of a cliff, and below me was a lake of lava. I slowly crept along the edge until I found away on top of it, and found even more lava, this time falling from the sky, with more Zombie Pigmen swimming around in it.

This simple combination of netherrack and lava would've been amazing in itself, but there were also bright stones that gave off light in the distance, found all over the Nether's ceiling. It seemed like the entire was just an enormous cave, as only netherrack and the glowstone made up the ceiling.

Before I could fully take in the view, I soon heard a sound similar to the crying of a baby, and turned around just in time to see a ball of fire hurdling towards me. I dodged the charge, hid behind a wall, put in my armor and pulled out my sword before I crept out to look for where the fire charge came from, but I could not find it.

I looked through the book again, and reread the section on the Nether, but it only mentioned the zombie pigmen, netherrack, glowstone, nether bricks, which along with nether brick fences made up nether fortresses, nether warts which were used for creating potions, and blazes, a hostile type of monster that dropped blaze rods, used for many different things.

I concluded that there were things even the book didn't know about, thus explaining its lack of information on what exactly redstone was used for, so I put away the book and decided not to rely on it too much. I was going to head back to the cave, but I saw, across the sea of lava, what the book called a nether fortress, and decided to make my way to it.

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