Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 - Ghasts

I look around for any ways to cross the lake, but see little result. To my right there's a huge chunk of netherrack sticking out from the ceiling, which I could probably mine through, but that would not only have taken too much time,it would've also been hard work, and my food supplies were low at the time. To my left there wasn't anything to work with either.

Below me in the lava lake, between the fortress and the cliff I'm on now, was a small island with pigmen on it, so I decided to build a bridge connecting my cliff to the island, then the fortress. I took out my cobblestone, and began placing it down, and soon found myself a few meters away from the island.

Before I was given the opportunity to jump down, I heard another screech off in the distance, and I was soon blown away by an explosion behind me. Falling to what I believed was my death now, I saw the cause of the explosion. It was a flying, light grey, almost white figure far away in the distance, but before I could finish seeing it, I fell onto the island that was below me.

I barely survived the fall, and soon there was another fire charge hurdling towards me. I panicked, and rather then dodging it, I began to swing my sword at it, even though I also considered it a crazy action at the same time, as the charge could have simply exploded in my face and killed me, but instead it bounce off my sword and back towards where it came from.

Hoping to evade the flying monster, I built a wall in front of me, then I hid behind it until my wounds were healed. I looked back and saw it still floating there, and it quickly saw me too, immediately firing a charge towards my direction once again. This time I hit the charge, pulled out my bow and arrow, and shot the monster. 

My arrow missed, but the charge managed to, luckily, hit it, and immediately killed it for me. I looked around for more, but didn't see any, so I began building stairs upwards to my bridge. When I finished, I build stairs the opposite direction, towards the fortress, and without being interrupted by any more Ghasts, what I named the monster.

Soon I found myself in front of the Nether fortress, and I dug into it, making a doorway for myself.

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