Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 - The Book

The chest was far, and many monsters stood between me and the chest, but I had to know what was inside of it, before I went back home. I walked towards it, still hungry and unable to run, and I managed to avoid most of the monsters, by mining to it rather than walking through the halls.

I looked inside and found, to my surprise, a lot of food and minerals. I happily ate the food, and made new tools out of the iron, all in the comfort of my safe hole behind the chest, and soon I was once again able to explore the mine shaft with less chances of dying.

I found two more chests propped up the corridor walls, just like the one before. They contained a variety of items, such as bread, coal, and rails, but the most noticable items I obtained were a few unknown seeds, a couple of diamonds, and most importantly, a book.

Deciding I've explored enough, I tried to find my way out of the mine shaft, but I kept on wandering into new parts of it instead. Eventually I found myself in front of a corridor filled with cobwebs, and the unbearable sound of spiders. Many spiders.

I began clearing out the corridor, ridding it of cobwebs so that I may get to the other side, except there were too many, and the spiders were soon approaching me.

I pulled out my sword and prepared myself for a fight, but was caught off guard when I saw that these spiders were of a different sort. They were smaller, had blue skin rather than the normal black, and they didn't travel alone. I immediately thought to myself that these spiders must have been weaker, and rather than holding my ground, like I should have, I charged in.

I was right, I thought to myself as I killed the first few. They were, in fact, much weaker. I walked through the corridor with no fear, slicing cobwebs away as I walked, until I saw them appear from thin air.

Three of them came, and I managed to take one out before I was finally bit by the second, and soon I found my self poisoned. I panicked, and killed the other two, before hiding myself inside of a hole, waiting to get better.

I heard them waiting for me, and they were increasing in numbers too. I questioned where they came from, and began mining forward, until I got to where I heard the most of them. Then I created an opening.

They flooded into my narrow pathway, and I took them on, one by one, until I managed to kill every single one of them, even though I barely survived. I then rushed out, and saw a cage, where a single one was spinning in circles, creating more of them as time passed. I mined the cage, and destroyed the mother spider.

I was soon out of the mine shaft, and I eventually found myself outside of the caves. I created shelter for the night, and looked at what I have found while waiting for daylight. I pulled out the mysterious book and began to read it, and found inside of it recipes, a single one for everything that may possibly be made.

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