Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 - Journey

I threw the pearl, only for it to turn around and fly towards the opposite direction of which I threw it, and then fall back on the ground. I went to pick it up and immediately threw another one in the same direction, in which it continued as I thought it would.

I spent several hours repeating this notion, eating small amounts of food when hungry and taking small breaks whenever I tired out from throwing the pearls, and I saw the sun beginning to set, so I quickly went into the nearest cave, lit it up, sealed the entrance and built a bed, in which I fall asleep.

The next morning I counted my supplies and noticed I was missing a pearl. Unsure about whether or not I picked up my last one, I checked the spot only a few meters away, only to find broken shards in its place. I assumed a creeper blew it up and continued on.

The journey was at times wonderful, as I made passes through many different types of land: those filled with trees, deserts, jungles, and plains, and I made many new discoveries, such as naturally pink sheep, but the journey also became dangerous at times: leading me over the highest mountains, frozen ice which may break under my weight at any given moment, or through large mobs of monsters which I could not avoid.

I managed to get through everything in one peace, and thought the journey to be easy, but eventually I noticed another pearl had gone missing, most likely due to my not paying attention to them, and decided to keep an eye on the pearls while they're midair. 


The pearl breaks after having hovered for a second or two without any warning, and it is then that I realized that if I don't conserve these pearls I will neither make it to the dungeon, nor find my way back home.

I decided to use the pearls a lot less frequently, as they would likely turn around were I to overshoot and pass my destination, but they still went down in numbers at times, and after a week of traveling I find myself low on pearls.

I eventually reach the end of the mainland, and find myself confronted with the ocean, except the pearls kept going. Knowing I couldn't stop now, I built a boat and continue onward, trying to conserve my pearls by throwing them while on small islands, so they're not completely unattainable, except I still lost some of my already few pearls, and taking shelter has become significantly more difficult.

Now with a measly 11 pearls remaining I threw a pearl which began to fly in the opposite direction. Understanding that I was near the portal, I retrieve the pearl and find the halfway point between where I am and where I last threw a pearl, except I found myself in the middle of a deep ocean.

I threw a pearl anyways, and it began to float downwards very slowly. I looked down and I saw in the water a faint light--that of lava--emitting from a crevice. In it I saw the stronghold.

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