Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 - Minerals

I knew that I wouldn't have been able to survive without protection, and that leather from cows would not have been enough, so I began to dig down. To search for minerals.

At first I found nothing, and the further down I dug the more I found myself making ladders for getting back up. Eventually I made stairs, then I wouldn't have had to waste my wood on making sticks for a few ladders.

As I descended I found different minerals, at first I found coal, then eventually I found a brown mineral. I couldn't mine it at first so I went back up my hole to my house I made a pickaxe using stone, when I went back down I mined the brown mineral, and upon inspecting it I discovered it was iron.

I mined down further until I found a cave, similar to the mines at my old village, and it was filled with many zombies and spiders, so I blocked up my entrance to the cave and went back up to smelt my newly found iron into a sword.

When I completed my task I descended back to my cave and defeated the many monsters, I then continued to light up the cave so that I may see better.

After days of mining I found gold too, and eventually a strange red stone, which let out red dust. Then I saw something shimmer from afar, it was blue, but not dark blue like the lapis lazuli I found before, instead it was a lightish blue, and I've yet to see it, I had to go mine it.

But I couldn't, for there was a pool of lava seperating me from it.

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