Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 - Preparation.

I rested for a few days, rereading the mysterious once or twice, before finally making an iron hoe. I went outside and chopped down many trees on my fourth day, laying them out in the dirt on the fifth, as well making holes and filling the holes with water. On my fifth day, I planted seeds in the dirt, after drilling the dirt with the hoe.

While I waited for the crops to grow, I looked for ingredients that I needed in order to create potions, and on my sixth day, I spent all day brewing potions, and stored them all in their own seperate chest. I also crafted an enchantment table, and created an entire room for the table on my seventh day.

I spent three days looking for the supplies needed to make a library, needed to increase the strength of the enchantment table, and on the eleventh day, I crafted the bookshelves needed, and arranged them all equidistant away from the enchantment table, leaving enough space to move around.

I went outside and collected my crops on the twelfth day, planting new ones afterwards. I took the left over pieces of wood and made fences out of them, I then made an animal farm using the fences, and put cows inside, taking care of them each day afterward.

I spent an entire week looking for a zombie cage and creating a trap for the zombies coming out of the cage, I then spent another few days killing zombies and enchanting my armor.

Now fully prepared, with enchanted armor and weapons, potions, and food, I looked into the book to confirm the final step I needed to complete in order to find "The Stronghold." I had to kill endermen.

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