Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - Death

For an entire week we were out at sea.

We would occasionally have stopped on small islands or shores to build a small house, and sleep in for the night, but there were few times when we had actually travel overland, and we only did that during the day, since we were mostly out at sea.

We've passed through deserts, snowy fields, rainforests, and mountains, but my father never stopped.

He said he was looking for plains with a field of trees surrounding it, because he believed that to have been the safest possible enviroment in this world.

This world of blocks amazed me, I've never been further than a few dozen feet away from my village, now I was exploring far off lands.

Every sight, from the black octopi in the sea to the pigs and cows and sheep on the mountains, was a beautiful one, which made me wonder why nobody ever left the village unless to go to the 'dangerous' mines.

The mines were off-limits even to me, for there was no place more dangerous than the mines. At least that's what our leader had always told us. The blacksmith once told me that there are many minerals necessary to survival down in the mines, which made me wonder even more why it was restricted.

I've seen many entrances to underground places, although my father never let me actually look inside.

Finally we arrived at a place similar to what my father described, so we settled down there.

He immediately began to teach me new things, and they all revolved around crafting.

First he taught me that the basic need for survival was wood. Then he gave me a wooden axe and made me chop down trees. He taught me to turn the wood to planks, and how to create a crafting table, the basic need for crafting.

There he taught me to create many other objects, primarily weapons and tools, then we built a house together.

One day we were out in the woods, hunting for food, when we realized just how late it was. My father and I turned around and headed home immediately, but it was too late. While walking, a hissing noise came from nowhere, and my Father quickly turned around, but before I could turn to see what it was, something behind us exploded, and took my dad with it.

Nearly dead, I knelt next to my fathers dead body, and sobbed. Then I looked up to see a tall black figure with deadly purple eyes. It was looking at me, and I stared back, until it dissappeared. Surprised, I turn around, and then I saw the same figure in front of me, then everything went black.

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