Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 - Mine Shaft

It wasn't too long until I got lost again; I had to walk only a few extra minutes, before I accidentally fell down a hole, even deeper into the cave.

Knowing that going back up through the same path would have been too much work, I decided to find another way back up, and soon I found myself inside of a ravine. I tried to go around the ravine, by mining the sides and creating bridges, but by the time I was almost across the ravine, a skeleton shot me off of my bridge, and I fell to what I thought would be my death, except I landed in water, and made it to the ground without a scratch.

I got up and tried to look around, except I didn't have time, for I was already being chased by some skeletons and a creeper. I ran up to the creeper, and pushed it back towards the skeletons, causing it to explode and take most of them out. I then ran to the other two skeletons left, and killed them both, but not before one of them could get a shot on me.

I checked myself for food, needing it so that I may get better, but then realised that I was running out, and had to get out quickly. I walked through the caves around me, knowing that if I ran I would have only gotten hungrier, and found ahead in the distance a wooden road.

Completely startled by the sight, I began to approach it, for I believed my eyes were deceiving me, except they weren't. I climbed up to the bridge and noticed railroad tracks on the ground, giving me hope that there was civilization around the site, so I continued to explore.

After walking for only a small while, I realised that I was inside of a mine shaft. I turned corners and the tracks would stop only a few steps in front of me, the ceiling was covered in cobweb, and monsters were seen everywhere. I then concluded that the mine shaft was actually only an abandoned one, and decided to find a pathway up.

But my curiosity got the best of me when I saw a chest ahead in the distance.

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