Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 - Diamonds

Before I begun my quest for the new mineral, I went back up into my cave, after several hours of searching for the exit, and smelted the rest of my iron to make a full set of iron armor.

Now fully equipped, I once again ventured down my hole and attempted to find the light blue mineral again, but I found myself lost after only a few minutes.

I was attacked several times by spiders, and I heard many of them to my left, so I decided to avoid that path and I turned right instead.

Eventually I found the patch of light blue mineral and was found stuck in the same situation, so I decide to go around the lava.

After mining for several minutes I found that the whole patch was surrounded by lava. So instead I tried to go through the lava by placing stone on it, but the lava was too deep so I was unable to do so.

I gave up and was soon attacked by a creeper, and the awful explosion sent me flying, causing me to nearly land inside of the lava, but the creeper also broke the ceiling, and I noticed water dripping down from above.

I placed stone under myself to climb up and mined the ceiling, until I was eventually encountered by an endless supply of water, which single handedly took out the lava for me, and created a pathway to what I then discovered was a vein of diamonds.

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