Chapter 19

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That is how I came to arrive here. Correct, "here" is the stronghold; my death: these fish and my own naïvety. 

That's right, fish. To have thought that with all my experience I would be so afraid of fish. I would of laughed if I were told this just a few hours ago. I had been living off fish until I found this stronghold. 

But alas, it's true.

Upon descending into the stronghold there were no apparent issues at first. Sure the place is crawling with monsters and the maze-like structure is massive, but nothing new has been presented to me. If anything, I found vast libraries, bars and buttons I've not seen before, and even fountains more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. But the problem presented itself when I came across a room with pools of lave. Quite simply , I lowered my guard at the wrong moment.

I climbed a set of stairs and faced a hole made up of frames, each of which seemed to fit an enderman's eye, which I knew because some were already befitted with the eyes. In awe at its sheer beauty, I was attacked; it all happened too quickly. 

Before I knew it, my footing has been lost and I fell into the nearby lava. It was a pain unlike any other, but I managed to survive. I caught myself mid-flight and the only casualties were my right leg and my right arm, but my instincts kicked in right in time for me to save myself. I didn't even have time to register the pain. 

They jumped at me at all once, and while I quickly killed those atop me, more of them continued to appear. I made a break for it, quickly pulling out my pickaxe and mining directly underneath me to hide myself in a hole. That was my second mistake.

I fell. 

I pulled out a torch before anything else, only to find I was surrounded by monsters. I fought them off but the silverfish were still coming down from above; from the very hole I made in order to escape their onslaught.

My right side severely burned, I climbed upwards to escape the zombies, and mined into the wall to escape the skeletons' arrows, but those wretched silverfish are in the very walls I had to mine. Switching back and forth between mining and attacking, I eventually  came to the small room I'm currently taking shelter in.

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