Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 - Home

I climbed out of the hole several hours later, and found that the sun had just come up, and that it was probably going to remain daytime for quite a while.

I find my pickaxe around the rest of what used to be my house, before it was blown up by a creeper, which is what I now call the green creature, for it creeped up on me several times during my adventure, nearly killing me most of those times. I also picked up some food, my crafting table, my now empty chest, and a shovel.

I walked around, chopping down a tree or two on the way, whenever I felt a small desire to actually survive over the course of the next few hours, but then I found the effort useless, as I had no axe, and I simply gave up.

I thought I'd be dead by the end of the next night, surprisingly, I wasn't.

I hid in a hole again, this time in a mountain, but that night, rather than crying throughout the hole night, I began to dig.

I dug in strange directions, finding a lot of coal as I dug, and I eventually began making a big room underground, blocking off my old entrance so that I may make a new one. But when I dug up I was greeted by water.

When I finally stopped the water from entering the hole by using a trap door, I went back to the small room and began to expand it. Placing torches along the way, which I made from the coal I found while digging.

By the time I grew hungry I had a big room, and a ladder which led to the outside, and I put down both my crafting table and my chest. I then made a bed and put that down as well.

I had now made my first real home.

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