Dress up

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Date: November 3rd 2016

Likes: 59,976Comments: 25k@katieGibson:Playing shoe dress up

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Likes: 59,976
Comments: 25k
@katieGibson:Playing shoe dress up. Cannot wait to present the AMA's tonight. Fingers crossed I do F up lmao. (Might not actually wear these shoes btw)

@Gigihadid: good luck!

@kendallJenner: you'll do amazing! See you tonight lovely!

@melissagate: I WILL BE A PROUD BESTIE. ILY.

@Harrystyles: See you tonight love. X

@KatieGibson: thank you all! Cannot wait to See you there! @Gigihadid @KendallJenner @melissagate @harrystyles

@katiegibsonupdates: YOU WILL DO AMAZING QUEEEEEEEN. 👑👑


Hi Friends!
Yes I know the AMAs weren't in November 3rd and I know that is actually Kendall's picture but let me be and it's all for the fic anyway, sadly none of if is real :(

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