(not a part) NEW STORY!?

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Hello friends!

So as you can tell this is not a chapter to Instagram but a fairly long authors note. I wanted to talk to you about something on my mind for a WHILE! So I have a plan and plot for a new story, which is completely different to instagram. Story wise and layout wise. I am also considering unpublishing all my fics apart from instagram and developing them a little better and publishing them in the future. I wanted to get your guys' opinion on this because you all are the most important thing about this. Your decision and opinion matters.

So, if I give you the description of the fic and who I picture playing the characters will you let me know what you think and if you would read it? That's all I'm asking... is it too much to ask? I AM SORRY MY NIALL FANGIRL SIDE GOT TO MW DOBUFSHFOUEH. Don't worry if I do go through with publishing the fic I will continue writing this one too. Instagram is my baby duh!

Here is the description.

Valerie Blake is a  trainee  school teacher. She loved working with kids and giving them the opportunity to have an advantage at life seeming as her childhood wasn't so great. She grew up with a younger brother and a single mum, she didn't know anything about her father . Now working towards her dream job and having two of the best friends while working at a small diner to bring some extra money in is what continues to make her happy.  Harry on the other hand is a successful CEO, but isn't the happiest person in the world.  Divorced and doesn't get to see his four year old Darcy due to his sour, backstabbing, horrible ex. When the pairs path cross they don't expect to get along, but would you expect to get along with some who you think is the polar opposite to you?

So would you read it? is it too basic? too boring? let me know!

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