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Date: November 21st 2016

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Likes: 100k
Comments: 60k

@katiegibson: oh did I forget to mention that I will be performing at the Victoria's Secret fashion show this year? Tune in tonight at eight pm on CBS to watch meeeeeee! -Katie

@harrystyles: *me -H

@katiegibson: alright dictionary @harrystyles

@Karryupdates: 'alright dictionary' BAHAHAHA THIS IS WHY THEY ARE GOALS.

@larrylarrylarry: hope you do well x

Gigihadid: you killed the runway with your amazing singing voice! Honoured to be your friend x

@katiegibson: aw thanks Gigi, love being your friend toooooooo.

@kendalljenner: you did okay, I suppose.

@hendalldoll: kenny being saltyyyyy

@katiegibson: @kendalljenner you okay Kenni?

@kendalljenner: keep your hands to yourself and stay away from him.
*comment was deleted by @kendalljenner*

@karryupdates: anyone else see her comment that she deleted straight after?

@hendalldoll: @karryupdates ME. I THINK SHE MEANS HARRY!!


Hey friends,
Ooooooooh Kendall's jealous of Katie!!! What do ya think???

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