What are best friends for?

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Date: 15th January 2017

Date: 15th January 2017

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@melissagates: What are best friends for? @katiegibson

@katiegibson: dragging your ass out of bed and taking you outside and having fun. Ily lmao

@harrystyles: photo credit to me

@niallhoran: lighting credit and driving to the destination credit to me

@melissagates: @katiegibson @harrystyles @niallhoran thank you guys ily.

@melissaxkatie: i love you queen Melissa, stay strong :)

@melissagates: thanks Hun I love you too @melissaxgatie

@kendalljenner: Karma bitten your ass then?

@queeenkatie: @kendalljenner leAVE

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