Look what you made me do...

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Date:7th November 2017

Likes: 10mComments: 8m@katiegibson: Look what you made me do

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Likes: 10m
Comments: 8m
@katiegibson: Look what you made me do... the music video out now. Staring lots of my wonderful friends -K Xxx

@taylorswift: Honoured to be in your music video sunshine! Love you lots! Cannot wait to see you at the AMAs tonight!

@katiegibson: @taylorswift my gosh have I missed my best friend

@harrystyles: Beautiful song. Beautiful video. Just beautiful just like you. X

@katiegibson: @harrystyles your the beautiful one not me

@kyliejenner: what a pretty girl you are

@katiesangel: what, Katie and Kylie are still friends???

@katiegibson: @kyliekenner ily

@katiegibson: @katiesangel yes. Yes we are. She hasn't done anything. Wrong to me and will always be a friend of mine, despite of who she's related to x


Hi friends!
So Harry and Katie are going to the AMAs, the place they met in person. Could there be some shocks and surprises? Some twists and turns? Or will it be perfect? Also.... IM GOING TO SPAM!! 
I don't have a question for you today, instead I want you to go onto the chapter called Ask me questions! And ask me lots of questions about me or the fic. ANYTHING and as many questions as you like! GO! GO! GO!

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