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Date: November 8th 2017

Likes:1mComments:700k@celebgossip: "I THOUGHT HARRY LOVED ME

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@celebgossip: "I THOUGHT HARRY LOVED ME. HE LED ME ON!" Exclusive interview with model Melissa Gates! Click the link in our bio to read the interview!!

@katiesangel: I'd rather get eaten by a  shark

@katiexharry: i ThOuGhT hArRy lOvEd mE! hE LeD mE oN!

@stylesxgibson: sorry hunny but Harry has taste...

@melissagates: thanks for having me!!

@katiexharry: tHaNkS fOr HaViNg mE

@kendalljenner: proud of my best friend!!!

@katiexharry: pRoUd oF mY bEsT fRiEnD

@taylorswift:petty petty petty.... 🙄

Hey friends!
So sorry for not posting in ages but just to make it up to you you're getting the Melissa interview!!!! Whoooooooop!! Told you this wasn't the last of her....

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