Performing in London

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Date: July 5th 2017

Date: July 5th 2017

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@katiegibson: LONDOOOOON! Thank you so much for a warm welcome to the UK. Don't know who that weirdo is, just got up on stage and started singing with me. Kinda cute though isn't he... -K

@harrystyles: Damn is smash him.

@katiegibson: @harrystyles hm, interesting....

@gemmastules: @harrystyles Stop it. Get some help.


@karryxstyson: my parents are SMASHING IT.

@harrystyles: @karryxstyson bad pun love.

@katiexharry: PH MY GOD @karryxstyson DID HE JUDT SSKLDLFG

@karryxstyson: @harrystyles you're one to talk :) @katiexharry I THINK HE DID JUSR EKSODLFLG

@annetwist: I love Katie.

@harrystyles: @annetwist erm, what about me. Your SON.

@annetwist: @harrystyles who?

@katiegibson: @annetwist marry me.


Hi friends!
Sorry for not updating for a while, been writing for the new fic I was talking to you about. I've not even finished the first chapter! I'm just working really hard on it so you guys will like it. Anyway how are you all? IM GOOOOOOOOD. MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT FRIDAY AHHHHHHHH. IVE ALSO MOT HAD SCHOOL FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!  Halloween soon! That leads me onto my question for you guys, what was your best Halloween costume? Mine was when I was three and I was still in diapers and went as sully from monsters inc and due to my nappy the tail on the costume would go side to side when I walked. I got bags of sweets that night, the best thing is HALLOWEEN IS THREE DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY AHAAAAAAA.

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