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Date: 7th November 2017

Date: 7th November 2017

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@katiegibson: KATIE GIBSON PREGNANT?! What. The. Hell. Katie Gibson has been pregnant this whole time and nobody knew? She was spotted heading to a fancy salon to get ready for tonight's AMAs and noticed a bump on her stomach. A source had come forward and said this "Katie has been pregnant a week before the crash. She almost lost the baby but (luckily) she didn't. She filmed any music videos coming out in the summer before she was pregnant which is why you can't see the bump. For reasons we know of she's stayed out of the public eye until now and is ready for the world to know she and Harry are expecting. They weren't expecting it but couldn't be more happier" the Kiwi singer and look what you made me do singer have been through hell the past couple of months but now things seem to be going their way and back to normal. Congratulations Gibson and Styles from the Celeb gossip HQ team.

@katiegibbbson: OH MY GOD KATIES A MUMMY

@Harrrrystyyyles: OH MY GOD HARRYS A DADDY!!!

@harryxkatie: @gibsonxstyles OH MY GOD. SJEKEKDLLFKKFGKOWOF

@gibsonxstyles: @harryxkatie BETHAN ITS HAPPENING DJSKAKSLFKGKGM

@melissagates: should've been me carrying....

@katiexkatie: @melissagates shut up and crawl back into the hole you came out of. We don't need your negative vibes here. We want to congratulate our QUEEN for finally getting some shed of happiness no thanks to you and Kendall.


More parts coming now!!

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