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Date: July 20th 2017

Date: July 20th 2017

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@celebgossip: MELISSA GATES MAKES A MOVE ON BEST FRIENDS BOYFRIEND!?!? That's right tonight at Katie Gibsons' 24th birthday party Katie's best friend and upcoming model Melissa Gates made a move onto Katie's boyfriend none other than Harry Styles. Harry luckily pushed her off and told her where to go. A anonymous reliable source has come out and said 'Melissa has ALWAYS been Jealous of Katie. Her looks. Her talents. Her career. And now her boyfriend. She's had her eye on Harry for quite sometime. She told me that she secretly hated Katie and was using her to get famous. Down right disgusting and unforgivable' We don't know if Harry and Katie are okay but HOPEFULLY they are. This wasn't Harry's fault.

@gemmastyles: Hope she's proud of herself. My baby brother is crying on the other end of the phone to me heartbroken. Katie doesn't even know that Harry pushed her off. I saw it all yet he ran to find Katie but failed. Nobody knows where Katie is.

@annetwist: my baby boy is crying and needs Katie. Hope you're proud of yourself Melissa.

@katiexmelissa: Oh my god. Melissa. How could you?

@niallhoran: and to think M was into me....

@louist91: two boys heartbroken. One girl laughing and one girl scared. The laughing girl won't be laughing for too long...

@liampayne: if ANYONE sees Katie let us know.

@harrystyles: I miss you K. It meant nothing. I pushed her off. I love you more than words can describe. @katiegibson please, come home.


Hi friends!
So Melissa was all along using Katie! And Katie has ran away without knowing the full story! Should I spam? I think I'm going to spam! Ly allllllll!

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