First christmas prt 1

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Date: 13th December 2016

@katiegibson: On my way to London for the end of the year

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@katiegibson: On my way to London for the end of the year...// thank you so much for your love and support on the track and mv 'say something' Harry and I are so grateful to have such wonderful fans. -Katie

@harrystyles: cannot wait for you to spend Christmas at the Styles residence best friend.

@melissagate: @harrystyles I'm the best friend around here matey.

@harrystyles: @melissagate we are sharing remember.

@melissaxkatie: WHAAAAAAAAAT!? But Katie always spends Christmas with Melissa.

@melissagate: @melissaxkatie I know :( but my boyfriend Jonathan surprised me with a romantic getaway till new year.

@hendallupdates: we all know Harry would much rather spend Christmas with his one true love Kendall. Can't Katie go back home to her rich ass parents and bore them instead?

@queeenkatieee: @hendallupdates her parents died. That is extremely disrespectful and rude, why don't you keep your irrelevant comments to yourself.

@melissagate: @queeenkatieee thanks for clearing that up buttercup but don't give her the attention she craves babe :).



Sorry if this has given anyone a trigger
I don't really know how they work but I'm just apologising in advance if it has, I didn't intend to it's just a bit of background on Katie's past. Sadly her parents are dead in this story, it'll come up every now and then so if you want for the future to add a warning when it'll be mentioned then it will.

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