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Date: 12th November 2017

Date: 12th November 2017

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@harrystyles: Woman music video, out tomorrow. Staring my gorgeous girl @katiegibson -H

@latelateshow: Cannot contain our excitement!

@jimmykimmel: AHHHHHH CANNOT WAIT!

@taylorswift: she is gorgeous isn't she?

@taylorswift: my best friend is gorgeous.

@katiegibson: ugh I miss this day. When Taylor slipped on the pile of roses and Harry then tripped over her. Ahaaaaaaa. Did that make the cut?

@harrystyles: @katiegibson maybe babe ;)

@louist91: oOoOoOh winky face oOoOoOh

@harrystyles: @louist91 shut it hubby.

@larrylarrykarry: OH MY GOSH TJRIFKOIHKEKG


Hi friends!
How was Christmas!!! Mine was AMAZING!!! New part of break away is up! It's my new fic about harry and I hope you're reading it. I wish to see a lot of you over there! I've put a lot of time and effort into it! My question for you guys is if you celebrate Christmas what did you get? I got a lot of things but my main present was an iPhone SE which I am GRATEFUL FOR! I also got some clothes and Chelsea boots and a few makeup bits :)

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