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Date: 13th May 2017

Likes:1mComments:700k@celebgossip: OH NO HARRY

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@celebgossip: OH NO HARRY. Harry Styles has been spotted with a female Model who isn't singer/songwriter Katie Gibson. He was seen holding the model Camille Rowe, 27, Bag after having dinner just the two of them a day after Harry's album is released. Katie had just gone back on her world tour after having a mini break. Sources say 'There hasn't been any arguments between Harry and Katie so this is out of the blue. Katie has never met Camille and doesn't know how Harry knows her either. Katie is hurt and has spoken to Harry already' Is Harry already wanting a new girl? Is Karry Styson over? Is Hamille rising???


@hamilleupdates: Already ship them!  What a gent carrying her bag

@louist91: Harry, you idiot 🤦‍♀️

@melissagates: @louist91 Hand me the scissors so I can cut his penis off please.

@kendalljenner: She got what she deserves then.

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